Tag: Underdark


  • Celia Rotwood

    A former student of [[The Academy at Evendim | The Academy at Evendim]]. She was in her second year before the school was forced to halt teaching students. The only daughter of a minor noble from the [[The Underdark | Underdark]]. She has the …

  • Heris Lolthra

    A Drow cleric of Lolth who once attended the [[The Academy at Evendim | academy]]. She seems to be in some kind of relationship with [[:melicath-von-spitzberg | Melicath von Spitzberg]].

  • Verian Rotwood

    A minor noble who is a diplomat to the other nations. His wife Alira was killed in an aberration raid not long after [[:celia-rotwood | Celia]] was born.

  • Fink

    Personality: Fast doesn’t even begin to describe Fink as a person. He talks fast, thinks faster, and hates to slow down for anyone or anything. Even more than that, he won’t be afraid to call out any and all bullshit he sees. However, while he may put …