The Savage Lands

Session 2.4

A Journey West

Picking up outside A Bit of Everything the party gathers for the gathering called by Nir’rinex.

Some duties were assigned to the groups of crusaders.

Aid in the defense of the team building a wall around the colony.

Range deeper into the continent to map out areas and observe potential threats to the colony.

Deal with the raids afflicting the colony.

The PCs were assigned the latter task. To prep for this they asked Ezra Cook who in town sold potions. She told the to go across the street to the local Herbalist Gal’tra’s shop.

The PCs had an odd time buying potions from her but eventually, after electing to not buy horses, made their way out of the colony in search of an underwater cave as speculated in the notes from the Palidans.

The party stumbled upon what appeared to be a beached slug like creature that Kaz later identified as a Seryulin. Ehtarari went in to finish the creature off. After stabbing it the slug expelled a goo like substance and dropped Ehtarari to the ground stuck.

Three smaller Seryulin with Skum riders broke from the water and assailed the party. During the battle the party got its first real look at Bethibrec’s fighting style.
After a hard fought battle Ehtarari found the cave entrances.

Dalma Cursedblood healed the party of its wounds and the party brainstormed how to get into the cave.

Kaz being very concerned about his clothes getting ruined in the water had to figure something out. While deciding on a plan Qo Otani exited stage right and a blue wolf snuck up and began dragging Kaz towards the water. After beating the bad dog back it ran off very quickly. Qo returned moments later. The group suspended the wolf to have been Qo who denied such accusations.

Meanwhile Dalma was binding a different visage causing him to endlessly cry and become very emotional. After some banter Dalma waded into the surf and made for the cave.

Opperation Bag of Kaz was a go.

The party prepped and ready entered the cave. A few PCs got a nasty shock in the form of an electrified pool of water. After taking a few Bolts to the chest Ehtarari let the Kaz out of the bag and some Skum bit the dust.

The party readys themselves to delve deeper into the cave.

*Qo Leveled.



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