The Savage Lands

Session Two

Social links and a Quest

The party heads down for breakfast and Tiger comes and talks with the party.

Jah the changeling comes over as a dragonborn and she and Lewis hit it off well. Yori asks her a great many questions and she gladly answers them. She mentions Jing her brother and rushes off to stop him from being an idiot.

Silverhoof comes over and introduces himself and offers to introduce the party to the Feyrun first years. They get along alright.

Scorpius approaches Shey the drow cadet he ignored before and tried to repair a burning bridge.

The induction ceremony happens and the party attends.

Scorpius explains the situation to the party and begins his duty to watch over them.

The party chooses their classes and runs into the party from the Rushock Plains. They converse and go their separate ways.

Twil, Scorpius, Artaelyth and Dalick head south to the farming town that supplies the Academy with food. Twil tries to pawn a dagger off on the shopkeeper but he lacks the money. Twil and Scorpius stay in town to raffle off the dagger while the others return.

Yori meets with Cain in the animal sanctuary. He heads to dinner and meets up Lewis.

Artaelyth later meets Cain and they hit it off very well. Her and Dalick head to dinner.

Twil and Scorpius deal with the raffle and head back to the Academy. They head to dinner and meet up with the others.

Lewis selects a quest from the quest board in Celindem. At dinner he mentions it to Yori, Dalick and Artaelyth.

A Cansin named Yurri comes over to the table and Scorpius is rather rude to him (dislike of Cansins). Yurri mentions his Fiancé and they discuss the differences in culture. Yurri mentions the icebreaking dance later that night. He rushes off to go try and head off an incident that his Fiancé is starting.

Yori mentions the quest Lewis picked up from the quest board to the others. Scorpius is less than pleased at the development. Twil seems excited about hopefully finding a town with more people to flimflam. They discuss how they get there and Lewis buys two scrolls of teleport. But for now they settle on using horses and saving the scrolls for a quest that Is farther away.

Twil interested in the quest board goes and checks it out, placing a request for gaming partners.

In the baths the boys meet the Divti boys and Lewis meets Sefrin for the first time. He talks to Lewis about how Miguel saw him getting his ass beat by Ral. They also talk about Cara, Miguel and himself.

Another trip to the baths has Twil with Teo and Zenir. Twil tries to scare Zenir but fails and Teo makes a death threat against Twil.

The party decides to hit the gathering in the dining hall Twil in typical Twil fashion makes a huge flashy entrance with a silent image. Felicity Frostfell comes over and does an silent image of her own.

Yori and Artaelyth take to the dance floor and do quite well. Twil and Felicity make an image of Yori and Artaelyth dancing and a beautiful ballroom around them. They get a few smiles from the crowd and just as many mean looks.

Lewis and Twil hit the punch bowl Twil brings one back for Felicity who happily drinks it with him.

Lewis speaks with two of the Drow (Heris and Celia) at the punch bowl. He mentions taking a quest to them. During the conversation Teo walks up and joins in. Two elves from Caledonia walk past Lewis and bump into him causing him to end up in the punch bowl. The Underdark kids burst out laughing.

After that incident the party decides it’s best to leave and turn in.

Lewis, Yori and Dalick hit the baths before bed. They run into Balcer a Spellscale from the Draco Isles. Yori wants none of it and says he’ll bath in the morning. Balcer thinks the two are from Thaczil di Arcanus and brags about how Ral laid some fool from Thul Ashlin on his ass. They both nod quietly and leave.

Artaelyth takes a bath and runs into two of the students from the Draco Isles. They speak in draconic and she only makes out a bit of it but they leave her be for the time being.

In the morning during breakfast Twil heads off to the quest board and sees that the Underdark has also taken their quest. He also noticed three students replied to his request Trab, Jing and Gale. He rushes back notices that they are not at breakfast and tells the party. They decide to use the scrolls after all. They end up botching the teleport and end up in the Mountains southwest of their destination.



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