The Savage Lands

Session Thirteen

The Ettenmoores

The knights bring Dust to the Thul Ashlin dorms. She learns about Synthis’s eating habits.

The party gets a letter from Demus Silvertree involving Lewis. With this info the party plans to travel with Lewis to the Ettenmoores to help him set up a base of operations there.

While preparing for the trip Twil goes to see Trab and they discuss a great many things none the least of which was that Tori was starting to hate Twil less.

Artaelyth and Twil Have an ‘Elf game night’ with Mina, The Skywood’s, Lentalos and Trab.

Yori got some “pussy” (cat)…

The party hires Cur’Buk the orc bard to play the music for the dance troupe’s performances during the festival.

The Party travels to the Draco Isles and meets Lewis outside the Chapterhouse and embark to the Ettenmoores with him.

They help Lewis find a Place to set up shop in a clearing in a large forest. The party sees a caravan of kobolds but has no interactions with them. During the dusk hours a small group of Cloakers attack the camp. Several people are hurt and this changes the plan of the shelter to be one of an underground den.

The party leaves Lewis with his place of residence after finding him water and food to survive on.



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