The Savage Lands

Session Three

Fun in the Sand

The party chooses to use the scroll of teleport instead of riding in the hopes of catching the students from the Underdark. But much to their displeasure they botch the spell and end up slightly off course. They appear in the mountains to the southwest of Mountainside their destination. Artaelyth is able to figure out the direction they need to go and they arrive at the small hamlet of Mountainside.

Much to their displeasure the students from the Underdark are already there and split into two groups. The party approaches the first group (Crow, Carra, Heris, and Celia) The party gets a clearer picture of what is going on in Mountainside from them. It appears that the rest of the Underdark students (Sefrin, Tao, Cain and Thorfinn) are under some kind of spell from a statue in the town’s center.

The party gets to the center of town and sees the large crowd gathered around a statue made of what looks to be some kind of black crystal. Strange alien faces seem to be carved into the statue.

Yori is the first to approach the statue and starts to beat the statue relentlessly. So A few party members approach the statue to try and help (Twil, Scorpius and Lewis) and are all affected in different ways. Twil actually didn’t act all that differently than he normally would trying to con people in the crowd or flat out steal from them. Scorpius is overcome with the desire to eat and goes to a food vender and preceded to eat all of his wares. While Lewis began making out with a nearby woman in the crowd and began walking with her back to her place.

The rest of the party (Dalick, and Artaelyth) momentarily dumbfounded stand there just looking on in mild horror. Though they quickly come up with a plan. Yori tries to destroy the statue while the others who were unaffected try to find some magic to assist him. While Yori chops away at the statue Dalick, and Artaelyth talk with the students from the underdark to see if they can help. Sadly for the party they seem unwilling/unable to help. Though the conversation goes on and gives the party an idea. They ask if the underdark’s transmuter is Not affected by the statute. He is sadly indesposed of (Sefrin).

Dalick, and Artaelyth go to a local shop where Dalick is immediately grabbed by a large breasted Naga woman. While trying to fight off the rather large woman’s advances he screams for Artaelyth to find the scroll they are looking for. Distracted by the mating display Artaelyth takes a little while to find the scroll. But she finds it and brings it to Yori, calling back words of encouragement to Dalick.

With the spell cast Yori lines up his aim and slices intwine the statute. The statue lets out a cloud of thick smoke. Only Yori notices faces grinning at him from within the smoke before it dissipates.

With the statue sundered the town and the two groups of students are returned to normal. The students from the underdark reconvene and without as much as a word to the party teleport away.

The party meets back up and decides to not discuss what took place. Though Scorpius finds a corner and vomits profusely. They rent horses and ride back to The Academy.

Upon arriving back at the Academy the party splits ways. Scorpius meets his friends in the barracks and speaks with them learning a bit about the cadets from the Draco Isles. Twil grabs lunch and meets up Felicity and has lunch with her.

Artaelyth heads to the baths and talks with Opal about the quest.

Lewis, Yori and Dalick eat lunch and are given dirty looks from the students from the underdark and from the Draco Isles students. They quickly eat and head back to the dorms.

Twil grabs the students who responded to his post via flying cat strats and has the first of what will most likely be many nights of gambling. Much fun is had.

The first day of classes takes place and the classes they attend are gym and Conjuration.

Gym class has three CYGs along with the party. The Draco Isles, the Underdark and the Rushock Plains the groups split into gender groups and pairs them off. Twil, Dalick, and Scorpius all fell their opponent. Yori, Lewis and Artaelyth are all bested. Yori ends up in a critical state and if the gym teachers did not step in he could have died.

Moving on from Gym they head for Conjuration in one of the Academy’s basements. The CYG from Argos was also in the conjugation class. Lewis got on the teacher’s bad side though the rest of the party did well.

With their first day of classes over the party goes to eat lunch sadly for Twil Felicity is nowhere to be seen. However Charigo and Trab (sitting on Charigo’s head in cat form) approach the party. They talk and part ways favorably.

After lunch the party heads to the dorms to rest up and do the conjuration homework. They find the Arcmangus sipping tea at their table. He talks to the party about the hardships they have faced and those that they will likely face. He leaves them with a veiled suggestion to stay on guard.



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