The Savage Lands

Session Ten


Yori, Dalick and Artaelyth seek the approved list of quests. The trio takes a quest for the water snake tribe in the Rushock Plains. They procure horses from the stables at the Academy and ride to their quest. They leave the horses with a friendly catfolk sitting atop a watchtower.

Scorpius has other plans in mind and sends his fellow cadet Farendulle to follow after the PCs. The PC’s find the Village Elder Tra’grad who gives them a few more quest details. Given the information Dalick explains that the creatures attacking them tribe are probably Folugubs.

The party slogs through the bog and comes across several Folugubs along the way. They just come across a much larger Folugub and enter combat with it. It is about at this time that Farendulle catches up with the party. He asks “What is That?” To which Artaelyth replies “The mama.”

Tra’grad graciously accepts the head Yori gives to him and the party splits the loot.

Artaelyth tells the front desk about the Folugubs.

Yurri mentions the relief effort started by Scorpius and seems thankful.

Twil arrives back from his gambling escapade!

Twil gets a letter from Dar about Lewis and keeps most of the info to himself to not distract them from the upcoming midterm. Twil trades Gale some 2nd circle spells.

The Midterm occurs and and the PCs do quite well (gain a more than perfect score by assisting the Underdark students who had fallen into deeper/unexplored part of the ruins.)



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