The Savage Lands

Session Six

The Pack Becomes a Wreck


The party descends into the dungeon. Scorpius notices some very obvious traps on the ground.

Yori investigates the bone piles, and skeletons attack the party. Yori Rebukes the skeletons.

Yori and Akire busy themselves with riddle solving, leaving the party to fend off the remaining skeletons.

The party comes across the first healing obelisk. Scorpius lifts Dalick over the spike traps to get a better look at the obelisk. He tells the party that the aura around the obelisk is minor conjuration. Yori studies the obelisk and informs the party it’s of the goddess Isis.

Scorpius uses the lever and skeletons spawn.

The pack becomes a wreck:

Twil uses the obelisk nearly killing yori.

Synthis is a dick to Scorpius.

Scorpius kisses Artaelyth to solve a door riddle and regrets life. Artaelyth is upset about the ‘mating request.’

The party maneuvers through some traps and finds an altar with a gold amulet on it with a black stone inside it. Synthis wants to break it but Twil touches it and the floor falls out under the party and they are dumped next to a pirate ship. They climb aboard and eventually destroy the amulet.

They find a key to the lower quarters and grab up some loot.

Once back at the Academy Twil turns in the quest then heads to see Perta at the general goods store and buys 3 sets for identify spells and asks about an easier way to identify items and she points him to Kort the magic item salesman in the academy. There he buys an artificer’s monocle, which he gives to Dalick and they head off to the dorms to identify the items.

During lunch Varent Valtshard a senpai from Forochel comes to speak to the party about the disappearing students. He felt it had something to do with how students are selected in the first place. Yori mentions Walter Von Voltaire to him.

Synthis heads to the chapel to pray to her god. There she meets Son Shon they discuss questing, gods and their countries.

Akrie, Scorpius and Artaelyth first head to the nurse then Scorpius and Artaelyth head to the chapel while Akire heads to the baths.

In the chapel Artaelyth prays to Corellon Larethian. Scorpius Learns Nipo has a cousin (Son).

Scorpius Prays?!!

In the baths with Akire, she meets Tori and Nakuru. They talk about the quests they have done which leads to a conversation about the Fey in enchantment class. Tori complains about Twil distracting Trab from his studies. Akire tells Tori she will talk to Twil about it.

In the boy’s baths, Yori meets Nor’ulk. They talk about Family, naming conventions and Tori’s distaste for a certain Gnome.

Synthis and Artaelyth head to the baths, and meet Jah and Tellia. They all discuss parents, mating, race, their pasts, gods and quests. Synthis and Deacu insult Jah who does not take kindly to it. Artaelyth tries to smooth it over but to no avail, though her effort was appreciated.

In their dorm room the party distributes the loot from the quest.

Monday arrives!

Scorpius has his meeting with Zarix Sarraguil, who picks apart Scorpius’s initial lie, but allows for more bodies to be given to Thul Ashlin assuming any are left over at the end of each month.

Scorpius meets Delahan and Elania in the basement and they tell him a bit about their journey to the Draco Isles and tell Elania they will be in Evendim for the foreseeable future. They also discuss the quests Thul Ashlin has been on.

Synthis looks for “Scorp” at the barracks but is turned away and heads back to the dorms.

The party goes shopping, Yori recovers his glaive.

Artaelyth notifies the secretaries about the groups run-in with aberrations while on their quest to Feyrun. She asks about speaking to the Alpha, and it takes a moment for the secretaries to understand but they figure out what she means. As luck would have it Archmagus Demus Silvertree had a canceled appointment so she could go see him.

She arrived in the entrance to Demus’s office and was greeted by Val Cromwrite The Archmagus’s personal secretary.


Scorpius Heads to the barracks and meets with Mara Valian and requests Mast, which he is reluctantly given. He heads to the Grandmaster’s office and talks with the Grandmaster of the Order.


The PCs have an uneventful lunch and all head to the baths to discuss what is to come.

Twil Earns the title of Edge Lord.



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