The Savage Lands

Session Seven

For Me, It Was Tuesday


Synthis looks for Scorpius and asks about “Food.” They exercise together.

Yori heads down to breakfast, and is met with the first years from Relinkur.

Artaelyth, Twil, Dalick, and Synthis join Yori in the cafeteria and they talk about who’s doing what.

Artaelyth, and Dalick will look into Walter von Voltaire/Summa/Lewis/Knights

Yori is developing his own language. Pack-Pavke Tu

Artaelyth is not looking forward to Necromancy class.

Synthis heads to the blacksmith and buys an exact copy of her axe, only better.

Twil will gather info on other students.

Yori and Nor’ulk study together.

Artaelyth looks into the first Archmangus and finds out a good bit of the founding of the academy.

Detour for “Food”:

Scorpius and Synthis meet Marcus a wandering priest of the half moon. Together they go and deal with a small camp of orc raiders. Synthis acquires food. Twil finds out it was a quest and turns it in for them and they all make a bit of cash.


With the Society of the Flying Cat, Twil gets the crew together and persuades some of them to go drunken gambling with him. Trab and Jing go along but don’t drink. Twil loses some money but learns about the abjurers for his friend’s nations. Twil gets wasted and Trab has to ride on his pony with him to make sure he gets back safely.

Twil arrives in the dorms thrashed and everyone quickly figures out what happened.

Sugar water => Spoil => Drunk hummingbird

Synthis wants to meet new people so in the middle of the night she knocks of the other country’s dorms and meets who answers. Scorpius accompanies her for her own safety.

They meet Ale Shoreborn and learn he is Aquinas’s necromancer.

The next dorm is the Draco Isles, a kobold answers the door and almost immediately screams for Ral, Gualir calls Ral off at first but Synthis insults them and she eventually tells Ral to have fun.

The knights step in and break the incident up before it can get too bad.

Outside, Yori eavesdrops of the Skywoods.

Scorpius talks with the Cadets from the Draco Isles.

Jump Cut to Saturday:

In the boys bath Yori meets Jing who tells him Jah is in MUN.

During breakfast Twil treats his hangover.

Synthis continues her quest of meeting people! She knocks on the next door down the line, Son opens the door, and he calls over Cho Heurzin and they talk with Synthis.

Synthis then goes to the Feyrun dorm where she meets Slogroth and Kisani Ardhi but quickly leaves trying not to attack the fey.

The party has a house meeting and talks about letters they got adding to the mystery of Lewis’s disappearance.



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