The Savage Lands

Session Nine

Flashback Episode

During the club meetings:

Nature Society with Artaelyth and Akire: Lead by Tyr Landwalker, takes a short trip to the Sindarin Peaks, the mountain range that encircles the Academy to learn more about the dire mountain lions. They travel via teleportation circle.

As they travel through the mountains they come across a dire mountain lion cub with a bloody leg. There is a dispute within the group about whether they should assist the cub of let nature take its course.

Artaelyth talks to the lion cub and explains the situation to it. Tyr heals the cub and it goes about its way. Artaelyth explains to the group that she can speak with animals.

The group finds the dire lion’s den and wait to scope it out. A small herd of dire boars moves across the mouth of the den and is attacked by the dire lions. One dire boar falls down the cliffside. Artaelyth hears it saying “Not again!”

“Our school’s mascot is a concept.”

Lentalos Redleaf is not giving off a friendly vibe.

As the group leaves one of the dire lions casually makes a remark about “Tourists.”

MUN: with Yori, Lead by Tib Tibbles.

Students begin with an introduction based on country.
Underdark kids show up late.
Political tensions make themselves known.

Yori implies dragons are beasts of burden. He tries to smooth it over but the Draco Isles kids have none of it.

Gaming Club: With Twil
Twil meets some new illusionists and indoctrinates them into the Society of the Floating Cat.

Twil learns a bit about the new members.

“I’ve molested this cat several times.”

Trab seemed pleased that they have more people to get money from.
Twil continues to be a dick to money.

Present day:
Several letters arrive for the party.
Artaelyth buys a scroll of Ammunosis and they copy Summa’s letter.

Twil assembles the now larger Society of the Floating Cat to pay off Dar. (Twil, Trab, Kernir, Gale Crow, and Jing)

Twil, Gale, and Trab come out ahead. They all drink (except Kernir)

Artaelyth and Dalick make a flower arrangement for the Thaczil di Arcaniss kids.

Twil writes a letter to Dar, while drunk.

Twil still while drunk goes over to the Rushock Plains dorm to talk with Trab. Drunk Twil learns about the foreign affairs of Thaczil di Arcaniss. Twil breaks down and tells the few students in the Rushock Plains dorm about Lewis and the things that transpired in Thaczil di Arcaniss. Trab comforts Twil by offering him a hug. Twil accepts and feels up Trab’s ear during said hug.

Dalick finds Yori sitting under a tree while a pixie durge singer practices her craft on Yori’s shoulder.

The party goes to see the Alpha (Demus) they learn about the Order of the Night and the the group Summa leads (7 sins).

Dinner, with Caledonia and the Underdark!

Twil talks with Crow and Elrick and learns about their friendship.



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