The Savage Lands

Session Fourteen

The Festival pt.1

Scorpius brings Cherry Cutwoods, CeCe for short, to the Thul Ashlin dorm room and introduces her as their new transmuter. This news is bittersweet as because Thul Ashlin now has a full CYG the knights have reassigned Scorpius to other tasks. Scorpius gave his heartfelt goodbye saying just because he’s not assigned to them it doesn’t mean they won’t see him or that he does not consider them to be his friends.

The PCs introduce themselves and inform Cherry of Synthis’s eating habits. She takes it surprisingly well.

Twil takes Cherry on a tour of the Academy and they along with Trab do a bit more experimentation on how the dimensions of the Academy work.

The PCs make final prep work on the plans for the festival.

Yori talks to Tib Tibbles and recruits him to be their vote counter for the vote.

Day of the Festival:

The PCs gather at the stage and stands and set things up.

Demous Silvertree gives his trademark short speech and the festival kicks off.

Cherry finds an appropriate drawing subject and tails him while drawing him.

Yori takes the first watch of the stand with Artaelyth who is waiting for her family to arrive. It doesn’t take long for Artaelyth’s father and brother to arrive. They have a conversation with Yori and Artaelyth talking about the festival and government things, in elvish.

Twil’s first stop is to the Rushock Plains stand. Tori and Nakuru are working the table and give Twil the rundown of what they did. Tori mentions that if Twil was looking for Trab he had said he was going to the Aquinas table. Twil ponders this for a second and runs off to find Trab.

Dust goes to the Thaczil di Arcaniss tables and contemplates buying an armband but decides to get one later in the festival.

Akire and her friend Pike visit the bazaar that Celendim has set up. They come across two gnomes locked in a bidding war over a very nice pearl. They meet Son and they are shown some exotic dancing clothes. Akire not knowing the customs of Celendim mildly insults Son by not haggling. Once the cultural issues are put aside Akire and Pike get the outfits. Akire also buys a gift for Cur’Buk and Yori from the bazaar.

Dalick and Synthis come back to the Thul Ashlin Stand and relieve Yori and Artaelyth who go off on their own.

Cherry sells some of her artwork to some upper classmen for a decent price, a dragonborn buys a piece for 40g, a Svirfneblin buys one for 100g and a pixie animates one does not pay and fucks off with the now animated copy of itself.

Yori starts with the tables the Aquinas CYG set up. He sees Twil struggling to carry of a floating fish. He pays to go into the onsen and runs into some fellow classmates but keeps to himself.

Twil looks for his cat and at first can’t find him but a slowly disappearing floating fish ques him into Trab’s location. He grabs Trab and carries him off to the Underdark’s area. There they go through the Horrors of the underdark. Both of them were fairly freaked out by it despite being illusionists. Trab transforms and yells at Twil for taking him away from the fish to come to this horrible place. Twil and Trab reluctantly pop their heads into the Drow Masquerade where they are ushered in by Heris. Trab bets Twil that he can’t dance with Heris for 2 dances without Twil backing out due to the dancing becoming too awkward. Twil being Twil takes the 25 gold bet. Heris having heard the bet makes it as awkward as possible for Twil, who eventually concedes. Twil insists on going double or nothing. Trab agrees to the double or nothing.

Cherry goes to the maid cafe put on by Feyrun and is given a bit of culture shock, but ultimately seems to enjoy herself by having some cake and tea. While leaving she runs across a fellow classmate who seems perplexed by the Cafe.

Yori next finds himself at the table set up by Argos and partakes in the meal there and proceeds to meet Olf von Asher, whose questions he dodges like a boss. Yori after eating a small portion of the meal heads off the Caledonia’s table to see what they are doing. There he runs into Artaelyth who tells him to by some of the bread.

Artaelyth heads to the Caledonia table and runs into Elssa Skywood and they discuss overprotective brothers and family. Artaelyth buys some limbus bread from Elssa and heads off.

Dust heads to the Rushock Planes table and learns about their culture from Chiargo. She buys caribou. She then heads to Forochel where she meets Telious Heartmyth. She buys some winter gear and watches their Play and moves on. She also Heads to the Feyrun Exhibit and goes through fun with fungi and then heads to the Maid cafe. There a tiny plant man whose name she did not get serves her tea via flash cards.

Cherry finds herself at the Thaczil di Arcanus table and buys some ambrosia from Avalon. She also visits the Rushock Plains there she watches their display. She meets Chiargo and buys meat from him.

Twil accepts Trab’s condition that they be partners for the next two dances. As they dance Trab starts to almost mirror Heris’s movements from before and even licks Twil on the cheek. Twil interprets these actions as Trab coming onto him and is like wtf. He sticks it out and Trab gives him the fifty gold. Twil runs off not sure what to make of the situation. Trab heads of to the Aquinas for more fish.

The Thul Ashlin displays are held and draws a huge crowd. Artaelyth sells around 150 flowers and the lessons on how to make them into jewelry. Twil again being Twil glamour’s a necklace to appear to be a +6 wis item and starts a bidding war for it. He takes in more that 10k gold for his bullshit.

Dust, on her way to the Underdark’s tables, passes Yori and they have a civil exchange?

Dust and Cherry find themselves arriving at the Underdark’s area around the same time. Dust starts by going through the Horrors of the Underdark. She is not frightened as she can tell they are illusions but marvels at how well they are made. She tries to strike up a conversation with Cara but is ushered out as another person was coming through.

Cherry enters the Drow Masquerade first and meets Heris. They talk and She shows Cherry to the changing area and Cherry chooses to match Heris and chooses the Beholder mask.

Dust heads to the Drow Masquerade and in a similar fashion to Cherry is beckoned in She chooses a more reserved bottom piece but the same top as Heris and chose the Illithid mask.

Akire meets up with her parents at the Feyrun Exhibits and they have a conversation over some vegetarian food about how her year is going and how things with Synthis. They also discuss plans for the future.

Twil hears about some games the Academy set up and heads off with his pockets lined with other people’s money. As he makes his way there he fails to notice two figures tailing him. Ulgorth places his hand on Twil’s shoulder and stops him seeming very happy to see Twil. Dar steps around and greets Twil. They have a verbal exchange ending in “pay me now or have your fingers broken by my stupid associate.” Luckily for Twil a familiar cat walks out of a nearby alleyway and sees the predicament Twil is in. He casts blinding color surge on Ulgorth who lets Twil go. Twil fucks off in typical Twil fashion calling back to Dar that he’d see him in Blackrock. Dar is neither pleased or surprised.

Twil returns to the Thul Ashlin table and warns Artaelyth about shady looking hobgoblins. Artaelyth misinterprets this.

Yori heads to the Rushock Planes table and sees one of the senpai hanging around. The senpai convinces Yori to wrestle with a crocodile. Yori is grappled by the croc and charnel touches the croc till it lets go. He talks with Nor’ulk for a bit.



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