The Savage Lands

Session Four


Continuing after lunch on day one, Yori Heads to the library

Twil picks up a quest for 4500g in feyrun (whispering woods area)

Artaelyth heads to the animal sanctuary hoping to play with her cervil where she is hit on by Silverhoof (feyrun)

Scorpius stays in the dorms with Lewis and Dalick who are studying. Scorpus leaves after a short while and bumps into Twil who is busy telling his game night buddies they can’t do in on campus anymore because of “the man”.

Twil lies to Tori and is able to get Trab (who should be studying) out because of an “Emergency.” Operation flying cat is a go. They go around to the different dorms and try and tell Gale about game night but he is not in the room. They do tell Jing about it who is slightly saddened.

While in the library Yori is attacked by Ral and Gualir. They take his book and leave. Yori speaks to the Librarian assistant And files and incident report with Relis.

Scorpius begins studying religion.

Artaelyth speaks to the Farie Gardener (VI) and offered to help with the wildlife if ever needed.

The group (Minus Artaelyth) talks about the incident in the library. Artaelyth then walks in.

Twil and Scorpius head to the library. Twil looking into the Academy’s founding and finds out some info on how the Academy was made. Also that one of the founding members of the Academy have been redacted in the book. Scorpius rents a Tridices on Herronius, The Archpalinin and Generals Pantheons: an Overview.

Artaelyth and Dalick go outside to study under a tree by the small lake in front of the Academy.

Twil returns to the Rushock Plains dorms and is greeted by a less than happy Tor seeing that Twil is back. Trab, during the conversation Tori and Twil are having sneaks out. Twil picks up Trab who starts purring and tells him he needs him for some experiments Trab asks if it involves milk and Twil says he’ll get him some milk after. Scorpius wants none of Twil’s shit and goes off to find Artaelyth and Dalick.

Twil and Trab plan bullshit, they head to the boys bath, Trab is immediately suspicious about going to the baths. Twil tells Trab to undress, Trab blushes and refuses saying Tori put him up to tricking him into taking a bath. Twil convinces Trab otherwise and they swap clothes and cast spells to appear to be each other. They try to go into each other’s dorm rooms. Their clothes go through but not themselves, leaving them standing half naked in the hallway. 2 Order knights see this and approach them. Twil runs to Trab, who is freaking out, and tells him to hide in the baths. Twil gets grabbed by the knights and is take to Relis’s office where he gets 1 pt and pays his fine.

Yori ventures off back to the Library

Twil finds Trab in the baths and casts silent image on him to help him get Twil’s clothes from the Rushock Plains dorms. They return to the baths and swap back clothes. Trab being thankful that Twil helped him avoid trouble licks Twil on the cheek and runs off to his dorm.

Artaelyth and Dalick while studying outside find an old spellbook from and abjuration student.

Everyone heads to dinner and Scorpius learns not to be vague when requsting food from Artaelyth.

Twil brings Trab a pitcher of milk and a whole sea bass for dinner for his help in the experiments.

While the rest of the party is at dinner Yurri comes over and apologize for what happened at the ice breaker dance (incident with the elves).

After Yurri returns to eating Elrick Whitepine sets an olive branch on the table the party is using to eat, Yori takes it and watches the other kids from Caledonia glare daggers at Elrick.

Twil waits in the hallway to try and further his understanding of the Academy’s dimensions work. Twil Speaks with Felicity who mentions finding Illusion class to him. Twil knocks on the Rushock Plains dorms Chiargo answers and becomes suspicious of Twil’s intentions.

In the baths Artaelyth meets Culin Matacor, they talk and Culin leaves after hearing she’s from Thul Ashlin.

Scorpius speaks with Falim and Farenduil and they offer to help look out for the kids from Thul Ashlin.

Lewis Is taken during the night with no explanation given. A seal is placed on their door which lifts in the morning.

Classes Day 2:

Akire arrives and meets the group. Twil calls after the knights who brought her about Lewis but is payed no mind.

Scorpius wakes in the barracks, Shey and nipo are there. Shey molests Scorpius and sends him running out of the barracks.

The group with the help of the info Twil got from Felicity and Dalick find the Classroom easily. Illusion class goes well for the CYG.

Necromancy class has the PCs head to the Academy’s basement. Zarix Sarraguil the head of the necromancy department is teaching them. Necro class goes well.

After class for the day The party splits up and looks for info on what happened to Lewis.

Scorpius seeks info from Meror Vellen knight of the third in the knight’s Barracks. However his questions are quickly cut off. He is informed that Lewis is no longer his charge.

The rest of the party goes to the secretaries in the main office. The Secretary on the far right (Gnome) gives them no info on the matter.

During lunch Crow and Sefrin ask to speak with Lewis but the party tells them he’s feeling ill.

Twil lets Trab know he will be busy for the rest of the day and that they can hang out later.

Crow signs up for Twil’s Game Night.

The boys head to the library to do research. Twil and Dalick read through a few tomes and find missing info on the necromancer who helped found the school. There is one year redacted from the academy history (academy’s 1190th year) Walter Von Voltaire was the 3rd Archmagus at the time. That is also the year that the Knights of Evendim was founded in. Scorpius later fills in that it was after some large scale tragedy.

The girls and Scorpius head to the animal sanctuary and talk with Silvershell a Dire tortoise belonging to Cloud Pearl one of their senpai. He mentions to them that a few years back (7-9) an abjurer from Forochel went missing, but he didn’t know more than that. Artaelyth puts 2 and 2 together and thinks the spell book that they returned to the office may be connected to the missing student.

Having hit a slight wall in the investigation the party decides to write letters home to see if anything can be done.

The party checks for clubs relevant to their interests.
Nature society- The girls sign up for
Gamer’s Guild- Twil
Sports- Scorpius
MUN – Yori

during dinner Jah comes over to meet Twil.

The party digs through Lewis’s belongings and finds the letter he got from home

Dearest Grandson,

I know your parents have gone over this with you but some matters bear repeating. If you are to remain in Evendim then you must keep a tight lip on any sensitive “matters of state.” I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the ramifications of revealing such information. There are always those who would do harm to the family so do keep that at the forefront of your mind during your time at the Academy. Should matters devolve into an unfavourable situation you know the meeting place.

All that aside do your best and don’t disappoint us.

-Talmon Therin

Scorpius speaks with Freyden about the upcoming quest to Feyrun, learns Feyrun is primarily isolationist.

In the boys bath Twil, Yori, Dalick see Ral and a spellscale from the Draco Isles. Ral moves towards the boys but the spellscale stops him. The boys leave the bath quickly.

In the Girls bath the girls meet Elsa Dread and chat for a bit.

Classes Day 3:

Abjuration Class: The class struggles to stay awake during class but class goes well enough for them.

Transmutation: The teacher shows of some spell to the PC’s and gives them vouchers for the school store to get some transmutation scrolls.

After classes Yori heads to the baths, where in he finds his book in a pile of clothes. He takes back his book.

Trab come knocking on the door asking it Twil wants to study illusion magic with him. They study third circle magic for awhile.

Yori returns to the dorm with his book and flips through it and it blows up in his face. Trab flips out and latches on to the ceiling (as he falls Twil catches him).

The Explosion sends Yori to Ashura’s office for healing, He talks to the nurse about the incident. He said he will file the required paperwork. Yori then heads to Relis Ashleaf’s office to remove the theft charge.

Scorpius heads to the barracks to sleep and runs into Nipo and Angaea though Angaea is currently Scorpius. He talks to Nipo for a bit about the changeling. The conversation turns to inquire about why Scorpius ran from shey. Scorpius derails conversation.

Classes Day 4:

During breakfast Twil asks Felicity about the older abjurer from her country. She says she doesn’t know any of the older kids (she’s an only child) but takes Twil to see Carner Valtshard, he is conversing and eating with Yurri and his betrothed. Carner mentions that he has an older brother he could ask. Yurri’s betrothed comments he does not like the idea of Abjurer’s going missing.

Divination Class: with the Rushock Plains kids. class goes well. Twil asks Trev’Gort the teacher to scry Lewis and gets a suspicious response indicating the teachers know what’s going on.

Enchantment class: Goes well for the pc’s who discern who was taken over fairly quickly. While leaving their peers questioning everything.

Evocation class: skip

Autopilot through Friday.

Twil tells Trab and Felicity he will be gone for a part of the weekend.

Group is a dick to Lewis’s money. Buys 10 cure light pots, 3 inflict light pots, 4 mage armor pots, 1 magic fang pot and 5 rations.

PC’s have Dalick research the Whispering Woods and have him teleport them there.

The girls being the only PCs who speak sylvan talk with the Fey in the woods and get a clearer picture of what the quest entails: finding several pounds worth of Velken Root. Velken Root is an aquatic root found only in marshes. The Fey also warn the party about 2 kinds of aberrations which Dalick identifies as Gricks and Chokers.



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