The Savage Lands

Session Five

Quest and Letters

Whispering Woods Quest

Scorpius and Artaelyth cautiously survey the Whispering Woods for possible trouble. Scorpius notices what turns out to be a shrine off in the distance. The party decides to head towards the shrine. On the way Scorpius is grabbed by a Choker hidden in the trees.

Yori finds the ideal form of a rock. He picks up a less perfect rock and throws it at a hole, hoping to get the rock over it. He fails at his intended task and lands the rock right in the hole, and out climbs a Grick who hurts Scorpius and Dalick before the party brings it down.

The party discerns that this was once a shrine to Damh.

The party finds a 2 headed frog in the water, water that Scorpius eventually falls into.

The party is a dick to religious offerings.

The party heads to the swamp and is attacked by Skum. Skum are a dick to Yori’s Glaive.

The party fells the Skum. Artaelyth summons octopi (one somehow manages to drown). After two spells worth they have gathered enough Velken root to deliver. The party delivers the root to the fey and asks them to send some letters to Thul Ashlin. The fey also give the party an Acorn of Far Travel. The party uses it and ends up in Nature club. Scorpius is able to smooth it out for the party.

Yori gets his glaive fixed and heads to the library.

Twil sets up an off campus game night, and in the process learns a bit more about the doors to the dorms.

Akire, Artaelyth and Dalick head to the goods store and split the cost of one identify spell. They hear a rumor about two students dating. Artaelyth says that they are too young for mates, Dalick is uncomfortable explaining it but Akire says that she’ll explain it to Artaelyth later.

Yori looking for what’s going on in the school hears about a hidden dragon horde and trouble at an inn in Celidim. He also meets a silent tiny fey, who he tells he’d love to “talk to again.”

Scorpius is told to go the the barracks and into the Grand master’s office. He is instructed to take his new charge, Synthis, to the dorms.

Back in the Dorms Artaelyth notices some letters on the table, one is for Lewis, one is for Dalick, Twil got a letter, and one was addressed to the Thul Ashlin kids.

The letter to Lewis read,

Dear Lewis,

How are you doing sweetie, I hope everything is going well for you at The Academy. Are the other children treating you well? If they aren’t let mommy know and she will come down straight away and give them a piece of her mind.

I heard that grandpa wrote to you, he’s still none too happy about you going to The Academy. Hopefully he wasn’t too much of a bigot in his letter, it’s wishful thinking at best I know. Take whatever he said with a grain of salt sweetie, you know how he is. Sometimes I wish that man would just leave well enough alone, but given the situation I suppose I can’t fault him all that much. If he would just keel over already he’d be doing us all a huge favor.

Things at home are going well, though I think your father is getting a bit stressed. He just got a large order from Mogget Trothar, The Minister of the Interior, for a huge supply of building materials. The Government is constructing a Chapel House for the Knights of Evendim. The entire project is supposed to take a couple years. The forges are going at full speed to try and meet the order by the deadline.

The Knights have set up a temporary base of operations out of city hall. Moot is pushing for The Knights to try and clean up the city’s lower districts though they are meeting some resistance. I can’t say that I’m entirely against the idea but Grandpa is worried like always. Maybe in a few years this city will actually be a safe place for you to return to.

Best wishes,
Your loving mother

P.S. take this money and buy yourself something nice, though I have a feeling it’s just all going to end up as candy…

The one addressed to their group read,

Young adventurers,

Your actions, though entirely unnecessary, are looked upon favorably by my associates. They at least commend your efforts, despite the ignorance guiding those efforts. It was an inevitability that this was to come to pass but this has only hastened the outcome. Given enough time the seals would have decayed on their own as many others already had. Many other worthless creatures have done the same over the years, the only thing that separates you from them is that you were the last. All you can do now is watch as the order of your world begins to decay. We will enjoy watching as every creature descends into the oncoming darkness we leave in our wake.

Until we meet again, however unlikely that may be.

~Summa Bupea’ris

The boys need some time to think so they head to the baths. On their way a commotion from The Rushock Plains dorm halts their progress. They hear Tori yelling at Chiargo and Trab to go take a bath. The said two cats are pushed into the hallway (half naked) and the door to their dorm is slammed shut.

The party (and the cats) take a bath. The party discusses the letters they received.

They head back to the dorm, Synthis says she is hungry and they head to the cafeteria for food. However they are stopped by the Knights and instructed to fix the uniform problem. Scorpius mouths off to the Knights but leaves.

Artaelyth is a dick to otters.

Akire and Synthis argue, at the blade of Synthis’s axe.

Food is eaten but questions arise about Synthis. Akire, Artaelyth and Dalick take Synthis to the animal sanctuary to look for a more suitable foodstuffs for Synthis, while Scorpius heads back to the barracks to look for a letter regarding Synthis. There he runs into Shey who Scorpius all but ignored by putting his tower shield between himself and her at all times.

Scorpius informs the girls and Dalick about Synthis. They are not pleased and head off to the dorm.

Next scene has Synthis, Scorpius, Yori and Twil heading to the Necromancy Department. Vec vec picked up a shift as the secretary for the department and informs the students that is rare for first years to be given access to bodies for raising practice, but the department head has them down for one. Scorpius sets up an appt at sun-up with Zarix Sarraguil on Monday.

Twil, struck by dragon horde fever spends his time looking for hidden doors in the basement.

Synthis runs off after hearing about the body and is eventually clotheslined by Yori who explains a few things to her.

Yori asks Vec vec about the rules for bodying.

Twil and Scorpius head to Quest board.

Yori finds the body that is “his” (a raptoran female) and begins preparing it. Operation Hide The Body is a go. Burlap sacks are needed. After eating Synthis runs off and finds the Message board and signs up for dueling club, and Picks up a Quest for the Inn of the Forsaken.

Yori bribes Vec vec for more bodies.

Artaelyth and Dalick head to dinner.

Twil rents 7 horses and one pony and he, his gaming crew and some of the party (minus Artaelyth and Dalick) head down to the tavern in Wreethhaven to play cards. Trab however can’t transform right now and is without a ride. Akire offers to ride with Trab.

Everyone but Trab loses money (Trab nets 2k)

Artaelyth speaks with Opal in the baths about the quests they each have done, and Artaelyth hears a rumor about a Prince in exile from Argos working at the academy.

Party returns, Yori bathes and meets Riemus Goldleaf an elf from Caledonia, Yori does not mention Thul Ashlin and their meeting goes well.

In the baths with Akire and Synthis, against all odds Synthis’s odd behavior interests Heris Lolthra and Celia Rotwood. They introduce themselves and shake hands Celia catches a glimpse of Synthis’s past during the handshake. The encounter ends favorably…

Scorpius’s Bros are in the barracks and they talk about his new charge.

Two more letters arrive early the next day, one for Artaelyth and one for Yori.

Yori has Dalick look over the letter and he finds a code therein.

Artaelyth is happy her brother got her message loud and clear.

Scorpius meets Angela in her true form for the first time and books it. On his return he sees Shey in the barracks who again he ignores her heckles.

Scorpius gets horses for free and the party heads off to the Inn of the Forsaken.

They meet the innkeeper Umin who gives them the rundown on the quest.

They find the entrance to the dungeon and enter.



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