The Savage Lands

Session Fifteen

Festival pt.2

Festival Cont’

Cece draws Heris dancing and she is quite impressed with the drawing. Heris pawns Cece off on Sefrin and they have a dance that goes well enough. Once they finish dancing Sefrin pawns Cece back off on Heris and they square dance much to Heris’s chagrin.

Dust is a cold ass honky while watching Cece dance. Dust notices Celia Rotwood scowling at Cece and Sefrin dancing, though she does not inquire as to why. But they have a pleasant enough conversation and Dust dances with Celia.

Yori makes things out of the crocodile with the help of Nor’ulk. Once he finishing using the parts he says goodbye to Nor’ulk and heads off to the Thaczil di Arcaniss table and buys an armband and ambrosia from Avalon. He then heads to the Underdark’s area and goes into the horrors of the Underdark and has a pants-shittingly good time. He then enters the Drow masquerade and chooses a heavy disguise. While in disguise he meets Zenir who does not recognize him.

Twil, with an ever vigilant eye out for a certain hobgoblin heads out once more to try and play the games the academy has set up. Twil, being Twil, cheats and fucks off after winning some small prizes.

Akire heads to the Thaczil di Arcaniss table and buys an armband and ambrosia. From there she heads to the Drow masquerade and is greeted by Heris. She has a dance with Sefrin that draws the attention of nearly everyone at the masquerade.

Twil and Cece find themselves in the bazaar set up by Celindem. There they run into Cho and Son. Son picks up Twil and carries him around the bazaar inadvertently starting the society of the carried gnome and giving Twil a small taste of his own medicine. Twil is uncomfortable but gets over it. Twil and Cece help the two Vanara perpetuate bull shit.

Artaelyth heads to Caledonia’s area and runs into her family as well as Elrick and his father. Artaelyth talks with Cor’Tahlian who is mildly exasperated that even when on “vacation” their father still manages to work. Dohdrim and Garidin have a “civil” discussion about Elrick and Artaelyth’s friendship. All the while Elrick looks exceedingly uncomfortable. Artaelyth politely asks if she and Elrick can hang out in the festival. The parents agree and they head off. They have a long conversation about family, and their hopes for the future.

Dust runs into Chiargo and Milah who are arguing over evocation. Dust joins in their “friendly” and spirited contest. There is no clear winner but there three agree to meet again.

Yori is approached by Altarus Royto who asks about the undead in Thul Ashlin. Yori says he can help him and they agree to meet up later and share info in secret.

The PC’s gather and make the last minute prep for the show.

The show goes great, and everything goes without a hitch. Akire dances her heart out and nearly draws deific onlookers.

Yori buys 20 servings of Ambrosia from Thaczil di Arcaniss to celebrate.

Twil buggers off the the upper classmen version of the bazaar that the 10th year Celindem students are putting on. He at first is wary of being flimflammed (I can’t imagine why) but he relents and buys a headband of int +2.

Upon Twil and Yori’s return the PC’s celebrate with their CYG only to realize that two members are not present. Twil gets a whisper in his ear via a spell and sorties the party to save their abjurer and diviner. The party finds Scorpius in the crowd and he offers to go get the Knights help. They plan to meet outside the school grounds.

The PC’s confront the Draco Isle kids, who seem ready for a fight should one break out. Gualir claims to have bribed the Knights who she is confident will not show up. Angry words are exchanged but the conflict does not come to blows. Gualir seemed happy enough to have sent the message “we are above the law.”

Once that is settled Artaelyth asks Twil where he got his headband and runs of to the upperclassman bazaar. There she spends all her money on a ring of bullshit.

Twil Speaks with Velex about the 5200g donation to Thaczil di Arcaniss.



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