The Savage Lands

Session Eleven

A Festival?

Ten Days until Lewis is Executed! Fourteen days till the Festival!

The party prepares for the Festival.

Still having a bit more info tha, the rest of the Party does, Twil does some independent research in the school library.

Twil looking, into the Von Wincott and Von Azjak Families and finds redacted information a link to aberrations? He then tells the party everything that Dar told him.

Artaelyth plans her attack with kindness on the Caledonia kids. She checks “Twitter”, and learns about an argument between the Skywood’s. Rat spy network?!? Cats?!?

Twil, and subsequently Chris, cry over textbook learning.

Winter is Snowing.

Artaelyth, continuing to try and find social links to bring the pack together, looks into completed quests and finds the Forochel kids did a quest for Thul Ashlin (requested by a Moggot Trothar)

Scorpius borrows a hippogryph and flies to Thaczil di Arcaniss to talk to some of his friends from home and convince them to come to the Festival of Unity. He then flies to Norenmore, the Wincott Family’s hold. He is almost hit with a ballista bolt while making his landing. The incompetent crew apologizes.

Twil talks with Tori and gets more info about the festival and learns that what they have planned is very small in comparison to the other CYG’s

Scorpius meets with Marin von Wincott and learns of their family history. The conversation ends abruptly after Scorpius asks more about his family history. Marin tells Scorpius to ‘Talk to your damned knights order if you want to know.”

The PCs add to their plan for the festival.

Scorpius visits a local newspaper to try and get a story published (about the PC’s setting up the relief effort) but the Editor Don Van wants none of what Scorpius is selling. Scorpius then visits the orphanage in Delonshire and sees Miss Montefer and he learns the urchin from before’s name “Lyn

The girls offer to bring the rest of the PCs food in the dorms. While out, they meet Cho and Almut who offer to help them carry the food up to their dorms.

Twil gets help from Grol to make fliers.

Scorpius breaks into his Mother’s office at the Chapterhouse and gets the family history of the Wincott’s. (Verin beget Elizabeth, Martian and Yulvin all half aberrations through being abducted by aberrations and forced to procreate.)



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