The Savage Lands

Session Eight

We Must Leave California, Its Burning.

Twil goes to the school library and looks for an atlas with the intention of finding large cities near The Academy. The city nearest the school with the largest population is Arrumooth’s Keep. Twil finds a quest in Arrumooth’s Keep and brings the idea to the party.

Artaelyth gets a letter. She mentions the library in Arrumooth’s Keep. She also mentions that her brother looked into Lewis’s family and that they packed up and left.

Yori reads outside by the tree.

Scorpius returns his book to the library and takes out a Tredicies on Herionius the ArchPalidin. He hooks up with the party in the dorms and hears about the quest and immediately leaves to see Kort at the store to exchange scrolls.

The party discusses doing the quest next weekend, but Synthis wants to go now. The party finds Yori outside and takes up the quest and teleports to a well just outside Arrumooth’s Keep.

A bear continues to be a dick to Scorpius

Artaelyth wants no part in harming the bear.

Synthis pulls Scorp away from the bear.

Akire uses calm emotions and the bear wanders off less pissed off.

Scorpius runs off all the while chugging pots.

The party reaches Arrumooth’s Keep!

The guards make the party sign a ledger of visitors to the city. Scorpius is able to get the guards to tell the party that Elis Arrumooth, the queen of Thaczil di Arcaniss has had a death threat made against her. Scorpius is able to inform the party a bit about her history. Her family has ruled in Thaczil di Arcaniss for 2000 years. Her reign has gone on for around 200 years. She is heralded as a very good queen. She and Moot negotiated for the trade rights the two countries currently share. Her husband and prince consort, is Relvis von Karen-Arrumooth, a former noble elevated to royal status through marriage.

The party splits into two groups.

Group one headed to do the quest (Scorpius, Synthis, and Yori).

Group two heads to do research (Twil, Dalick, Akire, Artaelyth)

The quest group due to Scorpius’s request heads to the local Alchemist to by alchemical salves. The man claims to have several slaves in stock, but upon further inspection of his goods he tells the party “As luck would have it I’ve been robbed.” Scorp buys his one salve remaining and asks him about the quest. Yori pays the man 500g for info and alchemist’s fire. The old man tells them about a man named Selther and a woman named Maria. He has next to no info on Selther other than he’s the one buying bodies. He’s heard that Maria is supplying the bodies and he tells them that she’s squatting in the lobby of the church of Palor.

The quest group heads to the church and speaks with an acolyte who confirms Maria is staying here but is currently heading to the lower district.
The party heads to the lower district but makes a pitstop at the cemetery on the way through. They speak with the guards there and learn about three figures taking bodies. There is also now 24 hour surveillance of the cemetery. Yori stays behind to investigate the graves as Scorpius and Synthis head to the lower district and ask around about Maria. Yori discerns that the graves are all that of wealthy worshipers of Photlus.

Scorpius looks into the “Golden Nugget”

They eventually find out she’s in line for a Maran brothers pawn shop. Scorpius and Yori, who arrives shortly after they arrive, talk with the younger Maran brother and inform him of the location where Maria is actually getting the jewelry she is pawning.

Synthis looks through the line and finds Maria and calls for Scorpius and Yori. They interrogate her and learn the location of one of the drop off points for the bodies. They attempt to grab her but to no avail and she runs off into the crowd. Yori notices that as she’s running her hair is changing color.

Yori heads to the library to get the others while Scorpius and Synthis head to scout out the drop site Maria mentioned to them.

Meanwhile With the Research group:

Akire finds info out about Summa, but only in a small passage. He was once a Wizard.

Artaelyth finds a connection with the missing year and the Underdark.

Twil Fucks off and gambles. When he returns he becomes Boobs Magee.

Yori Arrives and informs the party about the quest.

Before leaving the library, Twil buys his way into the restricted section of the library and finds info out about Summa. He was a Wizard of the first order, which predates the Academy. He and several of his kin betrayed the order and sought power, and knowledge from beings of the lower planes and were removed from the order. The First order eventually sealed Summa and his colleagues away.

Synthis and Scorpius learn about the dropsite from some street urchins.

The party plans an ambush for Selther, the ambush goes quite well.

They attempt to get info out of him but he stonewalls them, saying he has friends coming to his aid.

Said friends arrive and the party kills Selther. The 3 figures calmly stroll into the building the party was holed up in and request Selther’s body. Synthis and Scorpius charge forward but both miss their attacks. One of the figures makes Synthis leave the city via some spell.

They tell the party to leave and that they will not be pursued. The party agrees to go reluctantly, but Yori, ever the hero, throws the crate of Alchemist’s fire at the 3 figures setting them on fire and destroying Selther’s body.

They see the figures calmly walking out of the burning building all but unscathed. Twil, being Twil calls back to them, “Thul Ashlin ruined your plans!”

The party flees California, as it is burning.

They rush to the Chapter house near the city seeking refuge. They explain the situation as thus: “We Tried to burn down your nation’s capitol, in self-defense.” Knight Kesolo who, after hearing their story, insists on waking Chapter Master, Knight of the First Taurina the Silver brand. Scorpius wants none of what Kesolo is selling and grabs his scroll of greater invisibility. Synthis wanting to meet Scorpius’s mom knocks on the door. Scorpius tries to stop her but Taurina awakens. He attempts to cast the scroll but fails just as the door opens revealing a beast of a woman who is none too pleased. After cutting the scroll in twine, she orders Scorpius into her quarters.

The knights take the party into custody.

Queen Elis Arrumooth and her husband Relvis von Karen-Arrumooth and their royal guards arrive, Moot arrives shortly after to try and smooth the situation over.
As it turns out most of the lower district burned down and 400 people were killed with even more injured.

The party is eventually allowed to return to the academy.
Scorpius is called into the Grandmaster of the Order’s office and asked to explain why Taurina requested a transfer to Evendim.



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