The Savage Lands

Session Twelve

Lesbian Bathhouse

Nine Days until Lewis is Executed! Thirteen days till the Festival!

Scorpius has a conversation with Delehan and Elaina and asks them a favor. They refuse to give, causing slight damage to their relationship.

The girls meet Mina Bloodwood in the baths and have a “splashing fight” with her leading to cleaning each other’s backs/hair ect.

The Draco Isle kids are dicks to posters. Yori tries to do a negative energy burst directed at them but Twil acts first casting blinding color surge at Yori to stop him from attacking the Draco Isle kids.

Yori Ding Dong ditches the Draco Isle kids dorm.

The girls while at breakfast meet with Opal and Milan and have a talk about their home countries and families.

Twil sends a message to Dar asking if Dar will send two teleportation scrolls to him. Dar happily agrees and Twil now owes him 2250g.

Artaelyth’s Brother Cor’Tahlian arrives at the academy and his arrows find purchase in Scorpius’s ass.

Artaelyth heads home to pick up some local flowers with her brother. She has a talk with their father and mentions several political things which astounds Dohdrim.

The party Splits up and Twil, Scorpius, Akire and Dalick head to the Draco Isles, on the island of Aujir to the town of Altrak Veria to see if they can get info on/help Lewis.

Artaelyth buys paper and flowers from the school store and hears a rumor about Trey and Ivan from Perta Jollymate. She goes to the Forochel dorms and talks with Brom. She thanks them for taking the quest in their country and gets a clearer picture of Ivan and Tray from Brom.

Yori meets a Sempai from Forochel, Randireros Galtoh and enlists his help in building the stage for the Festival.

The party in the Draco Isles Meets with the head of the Chapter house, Chapter Master Galinver, Knight of the First. They are not able to convince him to let them see/pardon Lewis. They are however able to get an audience with Verritrak of the Bronzescales the aged leader of the island. After hours of intense debate Scorpius is able to allow them to at least see Lewis.

They visit Lewis who looks like he has seen better days and inform him of their plan to try and save him. He seems grateful but does not believe they can actually help.

The Party decided to visit all the nations of Highmoore to speak with the nobles and try and gain sway in saving Lewis. Several Dip checks later the Academy holds a Summit on the topic of Lewis.

Artaelyth has a conversation with Elrick in the dorm room about things in general and learns that Elrick’s older brother passed away during the ‘war’ between the three nations fighting over Blackrock Mt.



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