The Savage Lands

First Session

The bullshit begins

Twil ran into Dar and Ulgorth, told them he’d have 300 of the 1400 he owed to Dar in a bit at the Snapping Dragon.

Lewis refused to even try and help Twil. Dalick and Artaelyth also maintained neutrality.

Twil finds Yori’s ID. And tries to sell it back to him. Yori says gtfo it’s mine.

Dar shows up and Twil fools him with a bag of copper glimmered to appear as gold. 300cp and 2 gp. 1395 gp to go.

Twil convinces the party to go to a gambling hall. Dalick and Artaelyth do not partake. Yori, Lewis and Twil all gamble for a bit. Twil wins quite a bit but on the last throw cheats and gets caught. He’s almost killed by the security at the gambling hall.

They sleep the night at the Snapping Dragon and in the early morning knights Corinus and Velatus along with Cadet Scorpius arrive.

After a quick breakfast they head out.

On the road to Thaczil di Arcanis the party is attacked by 2 trolls and 4 orcs. Scorpius, Twil, Dalick and Velatus are all hurt badly. The knights insist that they rest in an inn at Myvillion Taoul (closest town).

During the night two rogues sneak into a window but are overheard by the Knight on watch. The rogues disappear into the night. Lewis at first wants to go after them but quickly decides against it.

In the morning after breakfast the leave and enter into The Rushock Plains. They come across a caravan of Kenkus peddling wares and services. Twil and Yori are hit on by two kenku flappers, but politely decline.

They come to a way station and meet the first years from The Rushock Plains. Yori is transfixed by the undead kobolds that Nor’ulk has flanking him. Lewis and Chiargo hit it off. Grol and Artaelyth hit it off. Trab hops into Twil’s lap and as he transforms he grabs Twil’s coin pouch.

They travel together the rest of the distance to Evendim and the Academy.

Scorpius meets all his fellow cadets except for the cadet from the Underdark who he visibly ignores. He hits it off well with the cadets from Caledonia and Argos. And spars with Wolfie from Rushock plains who he gains the admiration of.

The PCs head to the Office and speak with the secretaries and sign in. They get their uniforms, rapiers and stipends. They each buy the starting student packs:
Flint and steel
x3 Ink vile
Ink quill
Pouch (belt)
50 sheets of paper
sealing wax x2
2 scroll cases
2lb. Soap
Water skin”

They head to their dorms and start settling in. Twil goes to the male baths and bumps into Son (monkey man) Ral (dragonborn) overhears the conversation and makes a move towards Twil. Twil in true gnome fashion buggers off asap. He runs into Lewis in the hall and throws him a warning to avoid the dragon. Which Lewis promptly ignores. First Lewis talks with Miguel (Crow) and hits it off fairly well. He then talks to Ral who sucker punches Lewis for (18 nonlethal). The guards step in and Lewis casts a spell at Ral and they end up in Relis Ashleaf’s office. They both get slammed with 10 points for fighting and threatened with expulsion.

Artaelyth heads to the baths and meets Opal a druid from Celindem, they hit it off well.

Lewis and the others ruminant over the students’ handbook.

Scorpius talks with the cadet from Celidim and is slightly weirded out.



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