The Savage Lands

Session 2.10
By the Pricking of My Thumbs

While Ehtarari did some more preliminary scouting of Sleeping Haven’s borderlands the other PCs discussed late minute plans for dealing with the hags.

Dalma brought forward the idea of pretending to be Miss Renfix, in order to learn the Hags capabilities better.

Grol’kk arrived at the Gates to the Fort at first light catching the party not fully awake. After making him wait outside the party readies themselves. They begin the fairly long walk across the southwestern part of the continent.

Ehtarari builds a bridge to ford the river, much to Grol’kk’s chagrin.

At the river bend their path turns due south and on the horizon a swamp comes into view. The weather takes an unexpected turn, as the skies grow overcast and fog sets in across the swamp.

Grol’kk leads the PCs into a suspiciously convenient clearing in the swamp where they encounter a one of the hags surrounded by Troglodytes and monitor lizards. The green hag, having won the rite to treat with the PCs, graciously accepted the hair after the party seemed to think she had seen through Dalma’s disguise. Though she did not seem to notice the hair being wrong.

A short conversation about the hags’ goals was had. It seems they are if different minds on how they as a coven should move forward. One seems to want to work with the Blackheart, one seems to want more info before making a decision and the last wants to kill Nir’rinex

Ehtarari all the while was slowly encroaching upon the hag and as the conversation unfolded. Once given the signal he dove head first into the hag and unloaded on her.

Not at all surprised by this the troops the hag had in hiding sprung into action encasing the the remaining PCs in ice. Dalma and Bethibrec managing to avoid being frozen. Two huge skeletal snakes closed in on the party and began attacking the back line.

The hag seemingly fully prepared for this set of events dropped some odd stones into the swamp which caused a thick fog to obscure her, Ehtarari and several of the Troglodytes.

Qo was the first to break free of the ice sending shards of razor ice across the party. He began beating back the snakes. Beth stuck to the plan and made a b-line for the hag.

Ehtarari swang for the fences and killed a few of the Troglodytes in the fog but his attack did not find purchase on the hag.

Kaz attempted to turn aside the undead snakes but without having much practice at it the attempt failed. Kaz managed to pull a leg out of the ice.

Dalma began trying to secure the back and went to town on a snake.

The hag swam away and turned into a fog cloud, never to be seen again in this episode.

After an arduous fight the party cleared out the hag’s retinue. Dalma set about speaking with the dead troglodytes and learned the general location of the hags’ base. He also learned that it is fortified and there are traps of magic, illness and poison. The dead told him to look for the willows.

With this information and after determining the hag had in fact escaped the party headed to the likely location of the hags’ lair.

The journy is mostly uneventful until upon cresting a hill the party is beset by a huge plant monster masquerading as a hill. Dalma is grabbed by this monster and promptly eaten. The others rush to his aid and attack the beast. Dalma is able to break free of the monsters stomach only to be eaten a second time. Ehtarari is able to knock the creature unconscious and subsequently end it.

The party decides to rest in the hills west of the hag’s lair hoping to regain their strength for the coming fight.

Session 2.9
An Important Lesson

After Grol’kk’s escape the party reconvenes at Sleeping Haven and fill each other in on what had transpired.

Upon some deliberation the party felt that this was likely the work of a Hag Coven. The party decided to return to the Colony and talk with the school teacher to see if there was any obvious connection or reason the hags would be interested in her.

After a fast and uneventful trip to the colony the party went to the garrison to rest and wait for mid day to visit the school.

At mid day the PCs went and met with Miss Renfix. Dalma Cursedblood formed a mental link with her and as the conversation continued he abruptly left.

The party determined that the teacher had no connection to the Hags but she was keeping something from them.

Dalma bursts in intimidating the teacher into talking about The Blackheart. A figure who is extorting her into turning a blind eye to their undertakings in the graveyard. She mentioned hearing the name Kigri in association with the Blackheart.

The PCs decide to stake out the Graveyard from the observatory. Running into the researchers there. Dalma,‘interviews’ Aries Zenler while Kaz hits it off with Ketzi’Coril.

The PCs spend the day and night on the roof of the observatory. The day passes uneventfully but they notice durring the night extra graves are being dug.

Ehtarari goes to the church to inquire about this practice and meetsMil’dari the Head Acolyte. She is aghast at the implication that someone is disturbing the graves and shows Ehtarari the pre burial rites.

Meanwhile in the graveyard Bethibrec and Qo Otani put their noses to the grindstone and Qo notices something odd about some of the fresh graves; they don’t smell of death.

Dalma taking on the visage of Sarinax helps turn away prying eyes as Qo digs up one of the fresh graves.

Qo’s lack of Tact aside the party finds, for lack of a better term, a flesh doll in the grave not an actual body. So what actually happened to Dilberry Gonglthorp is, at this time, unknown.

Kaz meanwhile was with the school children getting some useful information. He spoke with Mina Oakley and then Jan’dox Silverband. Aside from a bread smuggling ring Kaz found that Jan’dox claims to have seen one of the missing Palidans by their sick friendCalix Varin’s house.

The party meets up at the observatory and shares what they’ve learned. They decide to table the issue with the church and bodies as the Hag issue is the most time sensitive. They decide to use Dalma’s hair instead of the teacher’s.

The party returns to Sleeping Haven after stocking up of pots.
They gather some Intel via items and spells. Believing they are well prepared they await the return of Grol’kk to lead them to the hags.

Session 2.8
Base Building

After a rest in their new base the party heads back to the colony. They reported in to Sarinax. Ehtarari got some background on the item he received from The Master.

The party split up to maximize efficiency. Kaz, Dalma Cursedblood and Bethibrec returned to The Colony. Kaz and Dalma focused on item crafting. Beth collected her smoked crocodile.

Beth, Qo and Ehtarari returned to Sleeping Haven.

Meanwhile back at Sleeping Haven, Qo Otani, Beth and Ehtarari had some unexpected guests in the form of about fifty Hex Kobolds. After getting “confirmation” that they won’t be little assholes they went right at making the base in the vision of the PCs.

In the colony Kaz interviews some potential candidates for a research assistant Aries Zenler and Dirax Pinehorde.

The Party reconvenes at their new base of operations. Days pass and things start to fall into place. Until an unreasonable storm began to brew slowing construction to a halt. The Kobolds did what they could at the slower pace.

In the distance a the Kobolds spotted a hooded figure approaching the base. Ehtarari directed the Kobolds to hold fire.

A knock came at the door despite the hooded figure still being quite a ways off. Kaz, Qo, Beth and Dalma answered the door. To see the hooded figure standing before them. Clawed hands slowly took,down the hood to reveal a Troglodyte standing before the party.

He spoke of the misstress and how they called forth the storm. They would be willing to stop the weather if the party brought his misstress a lock of hair from the school teacher in the colony.

Kaz convinced the Troglodyte to provide more information on his misstress. As he began to tell the party his tongue split down the middle and several of his teeth began falling out. He began spitting up blood and informed the party he couldn’t speak of the misstress.

The party mulled over the decision and for now ‘agreed’ to bring the lock of hair. As they agreed the storm stopped abruptly. The Troglodyte, took its teeth and bid the party well. Ehtarari followed the Troglodyte to a river which it dived into and escaped Ehtarari’s sight. The party gathered to discuss their next course of action.

Session 2.7
Of Fey and Dragons

The Party decides to spend the night in The Master’s domain. Vire hastily had some rooms cleaned and set up for the party.

In the morning the party left The Master’s area via foot with Vire escorting them through the fog.

The party stumbled back acrossTreebeard Leafhead and healed him of his con drain. He offered the party a favor and they asked that he kill undead in the woods.

Not long after the party came upon a fey who appeared from nowhere. The Fey introduced himself as, Gland’uil Everheart.

He came to ask the PCs to break of relations with The Lich. He told the PCs he would be, and has already been, helping them.

The party, more than a little sketched out by him tried to get a better feel for this creature.

Dalma Cursedblood noted the fey to have a sickeningly sweet aura about him. The party unable to get a solid grasp of his creature was able to determine that this creature is likely unable to lie. Meaning this being has been around since the birth of this plain.

He spoke to them of the dragon the PCs had in their sights. He provided information and offered up a distraction to aid in the PCs raid on the Hex Dragons lair.

With an uneasy deal being struck Kaz went and had an aside with Everheart. Kaz’s opinion on the Lich quickly changed after this conversation.

The party headed west towards the sight where the town of Sleeping Haven once stood, now a dragons lair. Along the way the party picked up the tanglefoot bags promised to them by Everheart. Ehtarari tried to do some scouting but encountered resistance in the form of two ballista. He returned and Dalma helped him to lick his wounds. A pixie appeared to the party and lead them to a hidden entrance to the dragon’s lair.

Upon descending into the tunnel the PCs came upon a sealed door with thieves guild markings. Kaz made quick work of the door and the party walked into the Hex dragon and Everheart conversing. Everheart taking note of the party bid a fond end to his dealings with the Hex dragon and promptly fucked off.

The Hex dragon took note of the party and in an instant was raining fire down upon them in the form of a maximized fireball. Battered but not beaten the party began their fight with the dragon. Kaz’s flaw procked and he went off the handle into a rage. He charged the dragon and began wailing on it. Qo Otani, Bethibrec, Dalma and Ehtarari closed in and began thrashing the dragon. Its Dragonwrought Kobold bodyguards took up arms and joined the fight. After being impaled to the ground by Ehtarari the dragon quickly fell.

His bodyguards took longer but were slain after a long battle of attrition. The party very worse for wear healed up and made ready to clear the remaining areas only to be informed by Everheart that his fey had scattered the Kobolds above.

The party looted the bodies and went in search of the dragon’s modest horde. The party seeming to like the location decides to make Sleeping Haven their base of operations.

Session 2.6
Friends in Dark Places?

Session started with Ehtarari going shopping. He also returned the Jade statue to the Samue family.

Upon returning to the garrison the others were awake and ready to meet Sarinax.

Paranoia seeping into the party, Dalma Cursedblood turned an inquisitive eye towards the aged cleric during the discussion. The PCs reported in about slaying the Abolith. Sarinax informed the party of the reports of hostile Kobolds to the northwest of the colony that the other crusaders reported on.

Sarinax gave the PCs a pearl of waterbreathing to borrow for their return trip to the Aboliths’ forward raid camp.

The party, hasted from Kaz made excellent time returning to the cave, only to find nearly all of the bodies missing. Upon investigating they determined that someone or something had teleported in and done some kind of necromancy on the bodies before leaving.

Dalma went diving and found a chest with gold in a tunnel leading out to open waters.

The return trip to the colony was uneventful. Kaz returned the pearl to the church as the others prepared to go see the Ranger’s guild.

The PCs arrived and met with the rangers, waiting for the guild leaders to return. Deciding to table the kobold problem in lieu of reports of undead activity in the forest the party set out with Asha Thatch as a guide.

The forest eerily quiet the party made their way deeper and deeper into the woods.

The party came upon a Treant (Treebeard Leafhead) who informed them on a fell fog farther into the woods.

Following his directions the PCs encountered the fog. As Dalma approached the fog it began to almost reach for him. He wearily entered the fog only to be driven out by its foul nature. Ehtarari tried his hand but was likewise rebuffed. After some aerial scouting the party saw no way to enter. A faint light in the fog caught the PCs eye and soon after they were being attacked by a growing horde of undead.

The party felled a wraith and skeleton before the faint light came back into view. It grew closer and Vire stepped out and introduced himself after scattering the undead horde.

He extended an invitation to the party to come and meet The Master. After some deliberations the party agreed to go with the small undead. With a flick of a wand he lead the party through the fog to an old elven temple.

Decending into the oddly unelven interior the party met The Master, a Lich whom saught an alliance with them. After breaking bread with him he made each PC an offer. Receive his aid and they merely need to continue as they are, ridding this land of aberrations. Bethibrec, Kaz, Dalma and Ehtarari agreed quickly but Qo Otani likely sketched out by the lich took longer but eventually agreed.

Brand was called and he brought the PCs items from The Master’s vault.

The Master then gave the PCs a map of the lands, and a general overview of the major players on the continent. Kaz revealed himself to have been born in the Ettenmores a long long long time ago. The party pondered the Master’s offer of teleportation and must decide how to move forward.

Session 2.5
Something Fishy

The party continues exploring the under water cave system. After a few minutes to collect themselves they pressed onwards.

Dalma was netted by a pair of Skum while exploring a small outcropping. After dispensing with the vile Skum they quickly explored the room decorated with bones and ickor set up to be oddly ritualistic. Gathering what loot they could they pressed farther in.

Kaz purifying the water along the waist deep path to preserve his clothes.

They came to a room with no obvious egress.

Beth explored a narrow tunnel and found a sapphire.

Ehtarari found an underwater tunnel and called for the group to follow only to be attacked by a Giant Crocodile.

Qo jumped in to help and the pair quickly dispensed with the beast.

Moving farther into the cave system the party came across a large open room with a raised cliff face on the far side of the room. A large pool of cloudy water between them and the cliff.

A well dressed Skum Wizard (later determined to be an illusion) addressed the party and sealed the party in with a Mirage Arcana spell. Kaz launched a powerful magic blast at the well dressed Skum and the party scrambled to close in.

Qo encountering a Scrag in the large pool of water. Beth quickly jumped in to aid him.

A ceiling high wall with arrow slits appeared on the upper level and Skum archers began to pepper the party from on high.

Ehtarari made it to the gap in the wall and crashed into a wall made to be invisible. Undetured he stabbed a Skum through the arrow slit.

The Scrag was felled by Qo and Beth. Qo revealed himself to be A Lecnthrop. A Huge Seriline took the Scrag’s place only to turn out to be another illusion. That once discovered was dropped only to be replaced with an Abolith who struck Dalma with lightening.

Kaz and Dalma made there way to the cliff face. Ehtarari and Kaz teamed up to break the wall, the Skum Wizard and the Abolith (also an illusion) with a flying anti aberration magic combo.

The crew climbed the cliff and slew the remaining Skum only to have the floor drop out from under them and fall right onto the Abolith who wanted Kaz dead in particular. The party quickly killed the monster and after a rage induced corpse beat down Kaz stopped being able to breath air.

Beth and Ehtarari found and destroyed a large clutch of Skum eggs. The party gathered up and headed back to the colony but not before taking a piece of the Abolith as proof.

The party returned to the garrison and cleaned up. Qo caught a whiff of some invisible creature in their room. After trapping it in the room it showed itself to be a small fey known as a Brownie. Beth, having heard tale of these creatures explained it to be a helpful sprite who loves cleaning and tidying up houses. After some conversation and cleaning the Fey told the party its name: Tar’elii Beth gave her a small gem and they parted ways leaving her to her almost compulsory cleaning.

The PCs left the garrison and went to see Todwail Velgood Billinsil. After some identifying and exchanging of goods and currency the party left.

They headed to the Cathedral and found Sarinax to have already retired for the night. One of the priests set an appointment for the morrow for the party to meet with the aged cleric.

They returned to their room in the garrison to find Tar’rlii gone but the room immaculate. The party retried for the night after a very successful first day.

Session 2.4
A Journey West

Picking up outside A Bit of Everything the party gathers for the gathering called by Nir’rinex.

Some duties were assigned to the groups of crusaders.

Aid in the defense of the team building a wall around the colony.

Range deeper into the continent to map out areas and observe potential threats to the colony.

Deal with the raids afflicting the colony.

The PCs were assigned the latter task. To prep for this they asked Ezra Cook who in town sold potions. She told the to go across the street to the local Herbalist Gal’tra’s shop.

The PCs had an odd time buying potions from her but eventually, after electing to not buy horses, made their way out of the colony in search of an underwater cave as speculated in the notes from the Palidans.

The party stumbled upon what appeared to be a beached slug like creature that Kaz later identified as a Seryulin. Ehtarari went in to finish the creature off. After stabbing it the slug expelled a goo like substance and dropped Ehtarari to the ground stuck.

Three smaller Seryulin with Skum riders broke from the water and assailed the party. During the battle the party got its first real look at Bethibrec’s fighting style.
After a hard fought battle Ehtarari found the cave entrances.

Dalma Cursedblood healed the party of its wounds and the party brainstormed how to get into the cave.

Kaz being very concerned about his clothes getting ruined in the water had to figure something out. While deciding on a plan Qo Otani exited stage right and a blue wolf snuck up and began dragging Kaz towards the water. After beating the bad dog back it ran off very quickly. Qo returned moments later. The group suspended the wolf to have been Qo who denied such accusations.

Meanwhile Dalma was binding a different visage causing him to endlessly cry and become very emotional. After some banter Dalma waded into the surf and made for the cave.

Opperation Bag of Kaz was a go.

The party prepped and ready entered the cave. A few PCs got a nasty shock in the form of an electrified pool of water. After taking a few Bolts to the chest Ehtarari let the Kaz out of the bag and some Skum bit the dust.

The party readys themselves to delve deeper into the cave.

*Qo Leveled.

Session 2.3
The Investigation Begins

Dalma Cursedblood and Bethibrec returned to the Garrison and found their room considerably more tidy. The rest of the party returned from the dinner the Governer’s staff had prepared. Kaz and Beth were less than thrilled with their things being moved.

The party went to the baths and bathed (or drank…) And headed off to bed.

In the morning the PC’s had a quick breakfast and went the the Cathedral to meet with Sarinax. Exhaustion evident on the aging high cleric he offered some guidance to the PCs. Having communed with Io he informed them of a likely location of the raids to the west of the colony by the sea.

From the Cathedral Ehtarari took off to do some scouting of the cliffs along the west. While Beth, Dalma, Kaz, and Qo Otani went to investigate the Palidan’s house of light. They found the place open and let themselves in. Upon moving further in they came across Cobiorn Southwind. After some initial tension and some convincing from Kaz he agreed to let the party help him in searching for clues in as to what his brothers were doing before they vanished.

Upon a thorough search of the House of Pelor several things began not adding up. The PCs found several notes from each of the Palidans. In a few places the chapter house was in a state of disarray. This compared to the rest of the otherwise immaculate housekeeping was odd. Upon comparing notes Kaz was able to notice subtle differences between a requisition order and a note from the head Palidan’s desk that was easily discovered by Dalma.

After building a strong agreement with Cobiorn the party went to talk to Ezra Cook the owner of A Bit of Everything. She informed the party that the Palidans never got their large order as when it was to be delivered they had already gone missing. Ehtarari set about cleaning up the outside of her shop while the other pieced together the loss in her past. The party left imparting hope for a brighter future.

Session 2.2
Trouble on the Horizon

The PCs pick up where they left off dealing with the aftermath of the Kraken attack. Kaz and Dalma Cursedblood set about healing the injured while the crew and crusaders fix up the ship. Captain Osen’dax rights the ship’s course and heads for the colony.

As the Dragon’s Vengeance approaches land the first signs of trouble in the colony can be seen in the form of black smoke coming from the southmost parts of the colony.

A loud warning bell can be heard timing from the colony and more smoke appears on the horizon.

The ship pulls into the western docks and the crusaders rush to aid the colony. It seems that the raiders were rebuffed by the garrison but they left a trail of death and injury in their wake.

The party came across Sarinax who requested their aid tending to the injured who were gathered in the town square.

Qo Otani and Bethibrec set out to help put out the fires at the warehouses by the eastern docks.

Kaz and Dalma went to the town square and healed the injured and helped delay poison from taking hold on some colonists. They met Gorhulk Irongrip and helped set his arm. Dalma became Half horse. Beth and Qo met up with the party in the town square and helped a mother and her son with the poison. The woman said she would return them their kindness should they be in need.

When the dust from the raid settled Nir’rinex gave a speech to the Crusaders. During the speech he messaged Kaz requesting a meeting with him and those he trusted at 8pm at the government building.

The party headed to the Garison and settled into their room. Kaz told the Party about their meeting and brought Heris Lolthra into the fold.

The Party found Synthis Faunalyn in her room at the Golden Wreath Inn and got paid for her safe arrival. They went about exploring the colony until it got close to their meeting time.

Meeting Heris at the gates the PCs met with Nir’rinex. He explained that something was amiss in the colony. He asked the PCs to look into the possibility that someone was working with the Abberations. He suggested talking to Sarinax and the priests of Io and Asha of the Hunter’s Guild. He made mention of Palidans of Light going missing, a priest going missing and several townsfolk.

Nir’rinex set up a meeting with Sarinax for the PCs in the early morning before the crusaders were to gather.

The possibility of the Kraken working with or being controlled by the Abberations was discussed.

With the meeting concluded the PCs returned to the Garrison for some much needed rest.

Session 2.1
The High Seas

The session starts a few days into the two month long journey.

The party noticed quickly that groups of like minded crusaders were gravitating towards each other and forming groups.

Bethibrec met with Jodel Blackbane who taught her to fish.

Ehtarari introduced himself to Heris Lolthra and Melicath von Spitzberg and inquired about Kaz. Heris spoke highly about him despite calling him a bit weird and eccentric.

Ehtarari then briefly spoke with Kodix who is representing the order of dragon shaman in the crusades. He mentioned a beast from the Plains being kept in the hold.

Kaz spoke to Kon Milta and assisted him with his seasickness. He seemed very greatful and struck up a conversation with Kaz.

Qo Otani met with Golmilifan Batvin Silview Muvom and Bilin Underhill and learned how to play Three Card Loser.

The party met up and found Synthis Faunalyn missing. They went to the lower decks looking for her and a minor misunderstanding occurred with the beast in the hold. Turns out its from the Rushock Plains and not the planar plains.

As they made their way back to the upper deck they came across Synthis in a training fight with a heavily armored crusaders. She processed to win handedly.

Qo challenged her and learned first hand she’s strong.

Synthis mentioned Deacu for the first time.

Some Merfolk and Tritons sold some wares to the party before the ship exited Aquinas controlled waters.

About a month into the journey Kaz took note of a large wall of crystallized magic spanning across the horizon. No one else seemed to be able to see the wall. Days later as the ship passed through the Kaz’s odd visions started occurring once again. His deminor and attentiveness seemed to change slightly after.

Towards the end of the voyage
With land in sight the skies began to rapidly darken and a storm began battering the ship.

A Kraken attacked the ship and injured several of the crew. The main mast was destroyed in the fight. The beast was fought off and the ship limped its way ever closer to shore.


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