Yori Takeshi

The Egyptian Necromancer


Brief Bio of Yori Takeshi
Appearance: While he keeps himself mostly covered, mostly due to is less than physical stature, from what you can see though is what looks like a short human covered in black scales, each scale having a different shade of black. In some lights, a green tint can be seen on some of these scales varying from jade to mint. A light spell should easily distinguish him from the other black scaled spellscales.
Personality: He was an extrovert forced to become an introvert. He tries to be as outgoing as possible, but he’s not quite sure how to go around that. Aside from that fact, he is quite curious being, but only in things that he finds interesting, such as necromancy, the treatment of the undead, and the pharaonic pantheon. Anything that doesn’t deserve his research most likely won’t. His core curricular might be a bit tough to teach to this one.
Likes/dislikes: His likes include necromantic nature of things and his family and learning about new things that pique his interest. He dislikes those who abuse undead servitude, unnecessary solidarity, and a political life, but his dislike for the political life has almost been trained to him. Might have a hard time with some of the other students and professors here
Friends/Foes: Unlike most children his age, he doesn’t have much of either. Due to his reclusive lifestyle, he had no time to make friends of any kind. This will actually be the first time he sees someone who isn’t family or an undead servant. Because of this, he hasn’t had the chance to acquire any foes either. As far as his social life is concerned, he is a clean slate
Other notes: He seems to be quite interested in the pharaonic deities. So much so that Shaath Moot had requested that he takes at least one Deities and Demigods class during his stay here. While those classes are just for clerics, we can see if we can put him in some. Another thing to take note is his insecurity of fire. It has been requested that he be kept away from most evoking classes, but again the core curriculum might require him to take something. We have also given him a necklaced glamour that will hide any candle that can be found in the school. This only works with candles throughout the school though and any larger flame or any candle outside the school will still show. Finally, Yori himself has requested that he brings a Glaive to school. While we do instruct students to bring fencing equipment, he is not sure whether or not the glaive is “school appropriate” I will let him know the answer soon but it is a concern that he had worried about.



Yori Takeshi

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