Twilidee Perniscious Rumblefling Mugoostivo Ferothorpe (Twil)

The Gambler


Age: 49

Physical Appearance: Standing about 3 feet tall, Twill has a head of short cut black hair complete with sideburns. His chin has a small tuff of a black goatee as well. He usually wears a bluish-purplish robe with slightly wider sleeves to conceal extra cards and dice. Regular wooden sandals adorn his feet. His eyes are a bluish-grey. He is often seen flipping a gold coin, or holding a fist sized nugget of gold.

Personality: Twil is as fun loving as a Gnome can be. He enjoys the company of others and has fun around friendly people. He will often use his skills to prank and trick others, but only to lighten a mood. He can be extremely clever and driven when it comes to gambling. He will sometimes feign his regular light-hearted attitude during these games, but he is incredibly focused when the gamble in question relies on the knowledge or skill of a player. Twil will often make tiny bets on just about anything, even such trivial things as the weather. Twil is not exactly honest when it comes to such gambles, and will find any technicality to come out on top, or avoid having to pay an extra cent. If an opponent didn’t notice that he was being fleece, then all the better for Twil.

Twil functions slightly different around women in regular matters. Twil is incredibly polite and chivalrous around women, and will try to be a perfect gentleman around any. He will hold open doors, hold books, give up his seat, and treat them with incredible respect. He does not treat them as lower, or always needing help, and in fact respects their fighting spirit. In open combat he will avoid engaging them, not to give them a better shot, or considering them too weak and trying to give them an advantage, he simply considers it his moral code to never harm a lady.

This is however overwritten whenever it comes to gambling. If involved in a bet, game, or skill competition with money on the line, Twil will play to his fullest, the only difference is Twil is much more likely to pay the any debts he receives with a gamble involving a woman.

To bring it down to a basic level, Twil’s gambling addiction is a mental disease. He simple cannot help it. His chivalry towards woman has been learned over the past 49 years, to become an unnatural habit, and practically a Pavlovian response to coming into contact with a female.

Twilidee Perniscious Rumblefling Mugoostivo Ferothorpe (Twil)

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