The silver-tongued seeker of knowledge.


Name: Kaz

Age: 16…well at least he looks it.

Race: Dragon-blooded Lesser Celadrin…or something like that. Honestly he’s not sure anymore.

Physical Appearance: As photo. In addition, Kaz has a pair of pinkish dragon wings with scales that reflect multicolored light like a prism. His eyes are an icy blue color with a look of fractured glass in their patterning; the fissures having glints of gold in them as if behind the icy blue is a layer of golden color, for anyone who would get close enough to his face to look. Sometimes this golden color seems to smolder like an ember, a trait tied to his firre ancestry. He maintains his cleanliness and over-all appearance at all times and likes to dress stylishly. The tops of his hands are lightly covered in similar scales to his wings, and are smooth, with an almost snake-like appearance. He has claws instead of normal finger nails, but he seems to keep them—like the rest of his ensemble—well manicured.


Personality: Kaz is a complex individual, but the most prominent aspects of his personality are his love of knowledge and research, and his charming demeanor. He is determined in all his endeavors and has a personal attachment to the crusade. He is full to the brim with self-confidence, which fuels his determination. Overall Kaz tries to be likeable and friendly.
That is unless you mess up his nice clothes…
“How dare you…”

Bio: Kaz was once a student at The Academy at Evendim before it closed as a teaching institution. He still frequents the school though, but mostly for the exchange of research and to bother his old Professors.

For the past ten years he has spent his time studying under his original teacher Professor Brimblethorn, traveling the world fighting aberrations, and spending time with his girlfriend Celia.


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