Prideful Maker of Dust


Polvere “Dust” Figliano

Race: Lesser Dust Paragenasi

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Arcane Mark:

Eye Color: Imperial Red

Hair Color: Black, streaked with Red, Blue, and Violet. Falls to the middle of her back in a Hime-style cut, with the streaks going down her hair in three separate lines.

Skin Color: Ash Grey

Overall Appearance: A well-kept and spare form inherited from her ancestors hollows her cheeks and makes her eyes sink into their sockets, giving her an altogether gaunt appearance. Despite this, she keeps a straight back at most times and uses her upward-tilted nose to great effect, seeming to look down on anyone she doesn’t look directly at or acknowledge. The rest of her features are as follows: thin, close-set eyebrows, a pointed chin, and long, sure fingers.

Distinguishing Features: Besides her streaked hair, Dust has permanently marked her left shoulder with her Arcane Mark.

Personal Mannerisms: Constantly carries a quill, ink, and parchment to quickly sketch the design for an “improved” piece of construction. Will occasionally mutter to herself while working on something not requiring a verbal component. Likes to visualize her spells before committing them to memory, wanting to know how practical it would be.

Hails from: Blackrock Mountain in Thul Ashlin

“All is dust. All comes from dust, all shall return to dust.”


Introduced to the CYG after the midterm, but before seeing off Lewis.
Prepared for the festival with the others, and was the main provider of lights.


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