Dalma Cursedblood

The cursed man, seeking redemption


Dalma is a man of medium build, he can wear his armor and wield his weapons, but he has little room for more. His hair is coal black, shoulder length, often tied into a ponytail. His eyes a burning yellow/red. He rarely smiles with his sharp teeth, and as he walks soot and ash seems to fall from his body. He wears mithral breastplate, and carries a Morningstar on his side, one the other he carries a shield emblazoned with an emblem of a sun and its rays.


Dalma was reborn as a Hellbred after some horrible past life led him to the pits of Hell. Offered one last chance at redemption, he was reborn in a ghastly appearance and told to do true good work to repent for his past life’s deeds. Unfortunately Dalma does not remember his past life. Whether this is for better or worse, Dalma sought out powers and patrons. He found someone, or rather some things to grant him power in his quest for good, and with the help of some strange and powerful Vestiges he seeks out a crusade for the good of all, to atone and hopefully make his way out of his doomed destiny of returning to the Nine Hells.

Dalma Cursedblood

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