Akire à Saverra

The Dancing Enchanter


Race: Grey Elf

Age: 117

Sex: Female

Physique: 5’5", 120lbs, 32 C

Eyes: Purple

Hair: White hair length of lower back, usually keeps hair loose and fashions a light purple flower hair pin (kanzashi).

Skin: Light Grey

Distinguishing Features: Akire has white glowing hair which comes from her fey heritage. Her hair still glows even when not attached (shedding), and her other body hair has an ever so slight glow, like a pale person in moonlight.


Place of Origin: Saverra, a small town near a forest in Thul’Ashlin. Seceded from Caledonia. Very pretty place full of gardens and nature.

Family: Alastar and Alora à Saverra (parents), middle class but important people. They are well-known as they are the spellcasters of the settlement. Akire is not the leader of the family or village, but certainly the most iconic.

-Began studying dance at age 30. Is a member of a traveling dance troupe ran by famous dancer Carasson à Revorre.

-Best friends with Pike Anklejumper, whom she met in the dance troupe.

-Values hard work and strives to be the best version of herself she can be. Takes excellent care of her body.

-Loves physically beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things, is a very well-kept person.

-Loves animals and nature. Favorite part of built up places are the gardens.

-Appreciative of the arts, particularly music and dance.

-Proud of her upbringing and is in general a happy, confident person. While her parents are more humble and personally stay out of the limelight Akire is interested in being more active on a larger scale.

Fear: Not being liked. Growing up Akire was picked on for her glowing hair. As time went on she became more confident (mostly through dance) and learned to accept and love her unique traits and abilities, however not being liked for things out of her control, such as appearance, really worries her. For this reason she doesn’t really have any qualms with other races… Physically anyways. One cannot help what they are, but can control who and how they are. She has also been exposed to a variety of races and is more tolerant of them thanks to her travels with the dancing troupe.

“True perfection does not exist, that’s not to say that we cannot work hard and create the illusion that it does. Strength of mind and body creates perfection in self, and it is that that separates you from your peers.” -Carasson à Revorre

Akire à Saverra

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