The Savage Lands

Session 2.0
Friends and New Faces

Session starts on the Draco Isles on the Gold Dragon Island of Aurix. In the Port city of Dragon’s Tide.

The crusaders gathered at the northern port and making ready to board Captain Osen’dax’s ship the Dragon’s Vengeance.

Each of the party members had someone there to see them off.

Qo Otani met with three members of his order. Fink, Drake and Orang were there to see him off. Fink passive aggressively told Qo not to die and gave him a wand. Drake told Qo of a vision she had involving Qo and an odd Spirit. Orang reminded Qo who he was and the bond they all share.

Dalma Cursedblood was seen off by Qimoira. She told Dalma of a dream she had during her trance. It involved a bleeding black heart creating monstrosities. When she came too her first thought was for Dalma’s safety.

When they parted was after a bit of a hug Dalma felt a burning presence through his bag. He found a piece of paper and promptly tore it to pieces.

Ehtarari was met by two members of the Chosen of Bahamut. Koth made mention of the colony’s plight and how Ehtarari was doing their god right by joining the crusade. Gran’siv gave some relevant information about the colony and some possible allies for Ehtarari to find. He parted ways with his brothers and flew towards the Dragon’s Vengeance. He saw Dalma and struck up a conversation.

Bethibrec was approached by Ryllae Faunalyn and her daughter Synthis Faunalyn. Ryllae made a proposition that Bethibrec agreed too. Bethibrec would see Synthis to the Ettenmores, would locate a religious artifact and obtain said artifact. With Synthis in toe Bethibrec made her way to the ship and came across Dalma and Ehtarari talking.

Kaz was seen off by Professor Kazralyon Chatterlock Brimblethorn Cortinbilt and his assistant Vo’ran. The professor was his normal enthusiast self and Vo’ran was worried for Kaz’s safety.

Celia Rotwood and Kaz had one last heartfelt goodbye beforeHeris Lolthra snuck up on Kaz and gave him a bearhug from behind. She informed Kaz that she was also going to the Ettenmores, much to Kaz’s chagrin. Heris gave Kaz some info he might want about some jewelry. Kaz was threatened by Verian Rotwood. They parted ways and headed for the ship. Before Kaz got too far the Professor ran back and handed over a letter from Zarix Sarraguil.

All the PCs meet up and take Bethibrec up on her offer to help keep Synthis safe. Before getting on the ship the party saved the drowning captain. The ship set sail and the Crusade officially began.

MG2 Hook
Call of the Crusade

Each of the twelve nations of Highmore are called to send a crusade to the Savage continent of The Ettenmores. The continent is rich with untapped resources that the southern continent desperately needs to recover from a nearly world ending cataclysm. The only problem with the plan and the need for the crusaders is The Ettenmores are controlled by vile abominations who welcome other races as a new source of food. It will not be easy to wrest control of The Ettenmores from the aberrations who call it home but it is a task that must be done for the future of the struggling southern nations.

Session Nineteen
Summer Break, The Library

The party decides to meet at Yori’s house before going dungeneering. The party learns that Yori is “loaded.”

They are greeted at the door by Kufu who passive aggressively welcomes them into the house and shows them to Yori’s room. An almost rude exchange is had between Yori and Kufu.

The party stays for dinner with Mogget, Yori’s grandpa and Minister of the Interior. An awkward dinner is had.

The party researches the Library and the Crag but are unable to find much on them in Yori’s family library. They decide to swing by Artaelyth’s home and look into it there.

The trip to Artaelyth’s goes on uneventfully. The party comes to the beautiful city of Agar’lotae and learns that Artaelyth too is “loaded.”

The second they enter into the city five elves escort the party to Artaelyth’s home. A large elven home built into four large trees. The PCs pass by the house’s three gates and are awestruck to see that they are all accented in pure gold.

Artaelyth introduces the party to her mother Ruavia Baelesti, who is busy gardening.

Dohdrim Baelesti allows the PCs to make use of his library where they gather the majority of the info about The Library at Tham Mírdain and The Greenstone Crag. The party decides to head to the Library first.

After scoping the place out from the outside the PCs notice several orcs and goblins hold up in and around the Library. The PCs cause a diversion to draw a group of goblins away from their post and quickly dispatch them. The party’s next goal is to lure the worg hunting pack into a ambush to make sure they don’t just happen upon them at the wrong time. The ambush goes swimmingly and the worg riding goblins are dispatched.

Twil, being Twil glammers himself to look like a goblin and tries to lure three orcs away from their watchtower. After getting shot twice by their crossbows Twil is successful in luring them out and even convinces them to beat the shit out of each other over some gold.

They tie up the orc and one of the goblins from before an interrogate them. They learn about a figure causing the orcs trouble inside the Library.

With the outer defences silenced the party scopes out the outer wall hoping to find a back door. They are able to find a secret door used by the caretakers of the Library and sneak in.

They move through a few traps but are otherwise fine.

Inside they find a decent sized area that once served as the caretakers’ home. Upon searching the place it is apparent that someone has set up camp hear. More than likely the figure messing with the orcs.

They also find a cat in sleeping in one of the wardrobes. Artaelyth speakers to the cat and learns that its master is staying here. The PCs take some loot off the dead caretakers and find the way into the Library proper with some help from the cat.

Session Eighteen
End of Year One

The school year comes to and end. The party has a few visitors over the last week.

Demus meets with the PCs as they are packing their things, he tells them that he had his doubts about his decision to side with Thul Ashlan in their struggles, and even his choice to allow an incomplete group of mages into the academy for the first time since the creation of the Academy System milenea ago. But looking at you all now, after seeing your dedication to learning magic and the Academy, I know my decision was the correct one.

He leaves them with a message of hope for the future.

Their next guest is an unwelcome guest. The Pcs are gathered around their dining room table talking about the summer when a blinding flash of light eminates from the center of the table. Everyone except Dust is affected. A figure, dressed in fine silk robes of black and Gold stands atop their table, his face obscured by a gold trimmed black hood. He greats the party, talking down to them. Summa explains that nothing can stop his plans now. The New Order is regaining its power and soon the world will slip into chaos. Feeling irked by Cece’s comments he curses her before leaving in a flash.

Summa also played the students from The Underdark a visit. Killing two of them. They were later raised by the school nurse.

Session Seventeen
Business as Usual

The party goes about business as usual.

Cece worries over the start of classes.

Yori meets his Argos contact and operation summer of the dead is a go.

In Necromancy class the pc’s find a note from Zarix Sarraguil telling them class was in the Academy Chapel house today. The Knights on duty point to PC’s to the crypt below the Chapel house. There they find their teacher who lectures them on the past Archmagus and the past Grand Masters. He leads the party to what he called the first trial. There he places his hand on the door and slams his staff into the ground and the large doorway opens. He continues his lecture as two of the coffins lining the wall open and the party is attacked. Zarix rolls this into the lecture, this presumably being a part of the lesson. The party fells the vampire spawn and are evaluated on their performance. They learn through the vague claim that the Vampire spawn were “His”though it was implied that they were turned.

Artaelyth during lunch informs the party about the conversation she had with the Alpha about Synthis. They put two and two together and figure out that Zarix was a founding member of the academy.

The party has a sit down chat and talks about Summa.

Evocation class with Gorerim:

The Party is paired off with the student’s of Relinkur and have a skirmish in the forest. The party makes Cece their mark and the kids from Relinkur choose Kelsa and Kelsi Val’mun.
The party devises a plan involving rope trick. Dalick gives them their general direction and the party splits up to cover more ground and look for clues.

Yori and Twil run into Volk and Velk Kor’mac and Ella Relian and have it out. The pc’s are caught off guard and are hit by a ray spell from Ella. Yori focuses on CC via fear effects while Twil runs in and finds himself in a bad spot. Yori does what he can to support Twil and Twil holds his own and grab’s Velk’s focus and takes him out of combat. Once the PC’s rought their foes they head back to the tree.

Akire and Artaelyth run into Jing and Jah, disguised as Kelsa and Kelsi and are lead into a what the twins hope will be a long protracted battle. They use wands to summon wolves to stall the Girls advance. Artaelyth makes some summons of her own while Akire tries you control the flow of the battle with CC. The Jah becomes fascinated butt is attacked by one of the wolves Jing had summoned breaking it. Once they feel the situation is unfavorable Jing and Jah book it in a manner Twil would appreciate and the girls give chace. The girls track them down and force them to reveal themselves.

Dust and Synthis run into Karnor and eventually Jacole Row’el. Dust and Synthis deal with the goblin zombies and the spells being slung by Karnor. Synthis falls but is quickly protected by some friendly tentacles. Jacole comes in and casts a spell but Dust shrugs it off. Karnor falls due to the tentacles and Jacole runs off.

Back at the tree. Dalick and Tellia battle and due to some preemptive spells on Tellia’s she fells Dalick. Cece is attacked by birds in her hiding hole in the tree. She leaves the hole and traps a bird in the tree via woodshape. Kelsa and Kelsi being the ones summoning the birds continue to summon from a safe location close by. They give chase as Twil and Yori return to the tree to see the aftermath of the events. Class ends with a draw. (through Feyrun kicked the shit out of the draco illes)

Twil does Twil things and finds a quest in the mountains of Argos.

Session Sixteen
The Festival Wains

Festival Pt.3

The party laments over Scorpius not showing up to assist with the Draco Isles incident.

The party headed to the informal dance and splits ways.

Cherry, Twil and Yori head to the Rushock Plains kids and talk about the festival. Twil dodges questions about Trab and fucks off throwing an insult back at Yori about the bonfire.

Dust, Akire and Artaelyth head to the where the Underdark CYG is Akire and Sefrin hit it off. Artaelyth talks with Elrick who is hanging out with Miguel.

Cherry wanders off and finds Randireros and draws him and earns a decent chunk of change for a sketch that would draw extraplanar attention.

Twil running away from his problems goes to meet up with the other group with the Underdark kids.

Yori confused by Twil’s behavior asks the Rushock Plains kids if something happened between Twil and Trab.

All the PC’s gather with the Underdark students. Heris tries to torment Yori by asking him to dance close to the fire, but is persuaded otherwise.

Dust wanders off and visits with the Thaczil di Arcaniss. First she meets Delir Darkforge and he informs her of the incident in Arrumooth’s Keep. She is less than pleased.

Artaelyth wanders off with Elrick and elf things occur, and discussion of the festival. She convinces the Caledonia CYG to watch the fireworks with the Thul Ashlin kids.

Dust talks with Yurri and Masolo and learns a bit more about the fire in the capital. She also meets Caref Le’yid, Zenir Cloudborn, Velex Tralet. She decerns each of their races. She watches the fireworks with them.

The rest of the party watches the fireworks with Miguel and the Caledonia kids (the Underdark kids left when Artaelyth brought the Elves). Yori finds Trab and they have a chat.

Day After the Festival:

The girls head to the baths and have a splash fight.

In the boys bath Yori hints to Twil that they will be having a talk after the bath. Some of the boys from Relinkur are there. They both meet Volk and Velk Kor’mac and Karnor and have a chat with Jing.

Yori and Twil have a heart to heart about a certain cat.

The Group Minus Dust, who is still salty about the Thaczil di Arcaniss thing, heads to eat. They sit with Silverhoof and Slogroth and they have a very pleasant conversation despite being hit on.

Artaelyth heads off to see Tyr Landwalker in his office. They discuss the issue of the aberrations in the underdark and trade politics. She learns that some of the older student are working on a solution for that very issue.

Akire leaves a note on the Underdark’s door as well as putting a quest on the board for a Dancing Club.

Twil meets up with Trab and they plan interdimensional bullshit and learn the oddly specific time the permission to enter other rooms lasts (7.56 seconds). They have a mildly heartfelt moment flavored with Twil’s normal personal brand of snark. Trab asks about the Hobgoblin and Orc who were messing with him. Twil remembers and thanks Trab for the help. Trab is mildly shocked and pleased by Twil just wanting to hang out with him and do something not involving The Society of the floating Cat, studying or breaking the rules of the academy.

Everyone heads to the Cafeteria and has some leftovers from the Festival Twil feeds Trab his sausage…

Dust brings up the incident involving small scale genocide and is given an explanation of the situation.

Session Fifteen
Festival pt.2

Festival Cont’

Cece draws Heris dancing and she is quite impressed with the drawing. Heris pawns Cece off on Sefrin and they have a dance that goes well enough. Once they finish dancing Sefrin pawns Cece back off on Heris and they square dance much to Heris’s chagrin.

Dust is a cold ass honky while watching Cece dance. Dust notices Celia Rotwood scowling at Cece and Sefrin dancing, though she does not inquire as to why. But they have a pleasant enough conversation and Dust dances with Celia.

Yori makes things out of the crocodile with the help of Nor’ulk. Once he finishing using the parts he says goodbye to Nor’ulk and heads off to the Thaczil di Arcaniss table and buys an armband and ambrosia from Avalon. He then heads to the Underdark’s area and goes into the horrors of the Underdark and has a pants-shittingly good time. He then enters the Drow masquerade and chooses a heavy disguise. While in disguise he meets Zenir who does not recognize him.

Twil, with an ever vigilant eye out for a certain hobgoblin heads out once more to try and play the games the academy has set up. Twil, being Twil, cheats and fucks off after winning some small prizes.

Akire heads to the Thaczil di Arcaniss table and buys an armband and ambrosia. From there she heads to the Drow masquerade and is greeted by Heris. She has a dance with Sefrin that draws the attention of nearly everyone at the masquerade.

Twil and Cece find themselves in the bazaar set up by Celindem. There they run into Cho and Son. Son picks up Twil and carries him around the bazaar inadvertently starting the society of the carried gnome and giving Twil a small taste of his own medicine. Twil is uncomfortable but gets over it. Twil and Cece help the two Vanara perpetuate bull shit.

Artaelyth heads to Caledonia’s area and runs into her family as well as Elrick and his father. Artaelyth talks with Cor’Tahlian who is mildly exasperated that even when on “vacation” their father still manages to work. Dohdrim and Garidin have a “civil” discussion about Elrick and Artaelyth’s friendship. All the while Elrick looks exceedingly uncomfortable. Artaelyth politely asks if she and Elrick can hang out in the festival. The parents agree and they head off. They have a long conversation about family, and their hopes for the future.

Dust runs into Chiargo and Milah who are arguing over evocation. Dust joins in their “friendly” and spirited contest. There is no clear winner but there three agree to meet again.

Yori is approached by Altarus Royto who asks about the undead in Thul Ashlin. Yori says he can help him and they agree to meet up later and share info in secret.

The PC’s gather and make the last minute prep for the show.

The show goes great, and everything goes without a hitch. Akire dances her heart out and nearly draws deific onlookers.

Yori buys 20 servings of Ambrosia from Thaczil di Arcaniss to celebrate.

Twil buggers off the the upper classmen version of the bazaar that the 10th year Celindem students are putting on. He at first is wary of being flimflammed (I can’t imagine why) but he relents and buys a headband of int +2.

Upon Twil and Yori’s return the PC’s celebrate with their CYG only to realize that two members are not present. Twil gets a whisper in his ear via a spell and sorties the party to save their abjurer and diviner. The party finds Scorpius in the crowd and he offers to go get the Knights help. They plan to meet outside the school grounds.

The PC’s confront the Draco Isle kids, who seem ready for a fight should one break out. Gualir claims to have bribed the Knights who she is confident will not show up. Angry words are exchanged but the conflict does not come to blows. Gualir seemed happy enough to have sent the message “we are above the law.”

Once that is settled Artaelyth asks Twil where he got his headband and runs of to the upperclassman bazaar. There she spends all her money on a ring of bullshit.

Twil Speaks with Velex about the 5200g donation to Thaczil di Arcaniss.

Session Fourteen
The Festival pt.1

Scorpius brings Cherry Cutwoods, CeCe for short, to the Thul Ashlin dorm room and introduces her as their new transmuter. This news is bittersweet as because Thul Ashlin now has a full CYG the knights have reassigned Scorpius to other tasks. Scorpius gave his heartfelt goodbye saying just because he’s not assigned to them it doesn’t mean they won’t see him or that he does not consider them to be his friends.

The PCs introduce themselves and inform Cherry of Synthis’s eating habits. She takes it surprisingly well.

Twil takes Cherry on a tour of the Academy and they along with Trab do a bit more experimentation on how the dimensions of the Academy work.

The PCs make final prep work on the plans for the festival.

Yori talks to Tib Tibbles and recruits him to be their vote counter for the vote.

Day of the Festival:

The PCs gather at the stage and stands and set things up.

Demous Silvertree gives his trademark short speech and the festival kicks off.

Cherry finds an appropriate drawing subject and tails him while drawing him.

Yori takes the first watch of the stand with Artaelyth who is waiting for her family to arrive. It doesn’t take long for Artaelyth’s father and brother to arrive. They have a conversation with Yori and Artaelyth talking about the festival and government things, in elvish.

Twil’s first stop is to the Rushock Plains stand. Tori and Nakuru are working the table and give Twil the rundown of what they did. Tori mentions that if Twil was looking for Trab he had said he was going to the Aquinas table. Twil ponders this for a second and runs off to find Trab.

Dust goes to the Thaczil di Arcaniss tables and contemplates buying an armband but decides to get one later in the festival.

Akire and her friend Pike visit the bazaar that Celendim has set up. They come across two gnomes locked in a bidding war over a very nice pearl. They meet Son and they are shown some exotic dancing clothes. Akire not knowing the customs of Celendim mildly insults Son by not haggling. Once the cultural issues are put aside Akire and Pike get the outfits. Akire also buys a gift for Cur’Buk and Yori from the bazaar.

Dalick and Synthis come back to the Thul Ashlin Stand and relieve Yori and Artaelyth who go off on their own.

Cherry sells some of her artwork to some upper classmen for a decent price, a dragonborn buys a piece for 40g, a Svirfneblin buys one for 100g and a pixie animates one does not pay and fucks off with the now animated copy of itself.

Yori starts with the tables the Aquinas CYG set up. He sees Twil struggling to carry of a floating fish. He pays to go into the onsen and runs into some fellow classmates but keeps to himself.

Twil looks for his cat and at first can’t find him but a slowly disappearing floating fish ques him into Trab’s location. He grabs Trab and carries him off to the Underdark’s area. There they go through the Horrors of the underdark. Both of them were fairly freaked out by it despite being illusionists. Trab transforms and yells at Twil for taking him away from the fish to come to this horrible place. Twil and Trab reluctantly pop their heads into the Drow Masquerade where they are ushered in by Heris. Trab bets Twil that he can’t dance with Heris for 2 dances without Twil backing out due to the dancing becoming too awkward. Twil being Twil takes the 25 gold bet. Heris having heard the bet makes it as awkward as possible for Twil, who eventually concedes. Twil insists on going double or nothing. Trab agrees to the double or nothing.

Cherry goes to the maid cafe put on by Feyrun and is given a bit of culture shock, but ultimately seems to enjoy herself by having some cake and tea. While leaving she runs across a fellow classmate who seems perplexed by the Cafe.

Yori next finds himself at the table set up by Argos and partakes in the meal there and proceeds to meet Olf von Asher, whose questions he dodges like a boss. Yori after eating a small portion of the meal heads off the Caledonia’s table to see what they are doing. There he runs into Artaelyth who tells him to by some of the bread.

Artaelyth heads to the Caledonia table and runs into Elssa Skywood and they discuss overprotective brothers and family. Artaelyth buys some limbus bread from Elssa and heads off.

Dust heads to the Rushock Planes table and learns about their culture from Chiargo. She buys caribou. She then heads to Forochel where she meets Telious Heartmyth. She buys some winter gear and watches their Play and moves on. She also Heads to the Feyrun Exhibit and goes through fun with fungi and then heads to the Maid cafe. There a tiny plant man whose name she did not get serves her tea via flash cards.

Cherry finds herself at the Thaczil di Arcanus table and buys some ambrosia from Avalon. She also visits the Rushock Plains there she watches their display. She meets Chiargo and buys meat from him.

Twil accepts Trab’s condition that they be partners for the next two dances. As they dance Trab starts to almost mirror Heris’s movements from before and even licks Twil on the cheek. Twil interprets these actions as Trab coming onto him and is like wtf. He sticks it out and Trab gives him the fifty gold. Twil runs off not sure what to make of the situation. Trab heads of to the Aquinas for more fish.

The Thul Ashlin displays are held and draws a huge crowd. Artaelyth sells around 150 flowers and the lessons on how to make them into jewelry. Twil again being Twil glamour’s a necklace to appear to be a +6 wis item and starts a bidding war for it. He takes in more that 10k gold for his bullshit.

Dust, on her way to the Underdark’s tables, passes Yori and they have a civil exchange?

Dust and Cherry find themselves arriving at the Underdark’s area around the same time. Dust starts by going through the Horrors of the Underdark. She is not frightened as she can tell they are illusions but marvels at how well they are made. She tries to strike up a conversation with Cara but is ushered out as another person was coming through.

Cherry enters the Drow Masquerade first and meets Heris. They talk and She shows Cherry to the changing area and Cherry chooses to match Heris and chooses the Beholder mask.

Dust heads to the Drow Masquerade and in a similar fashion to Cherry is beckoned in She chooses a more reserved bottom piece but the same top as Heris and chose the Illithid mask.

Akire meets up with her parents at the Feyrun Exhibits and they have a conversation over some vegetarian food about how her year is going and how things with Synthis. They also discuss plans for the future.

Twil hears about some games the Academy set up and heads off with his pockets lined with other people’s money. As he makes his way there he fails to notice two figures tailing him. Ulgorth places his hand on Twil’s shoulder and stops him seeming very happy to see Twil. Dar steps around and greets Twil. They have a verbal exchange ending in “pay me now or have your fingers broken by my stupid associate.” Luckily for Twil a familiar cat walks out of a nearby alleyway and sees the predicament Twil is in. He casts blinding color surge on Ulgorth who lets Twil go. Twil fucks off in typical Twil fashion calling back to Dar that he’d see him in Blackrock. Dar is neither pleased or surprised.

Twil returns to the Thul Ashlin table and warns Artaelyth about shady looking hobgoblins. Artaelyth misinterprets this.

Yori heads to the Rushock Planes table and sees one of the senpai hanging around. The senpai convinces Yori to wrestle with a crocodile. Yori is grappled by the croc and charnel touches the croc till it lets go. He talks with Nor’ulk for a bit.

Session Thirteen
The Ettenmoores

The knights bring Dust to the Thul Ashlin dorms. She learns about Synthis’s eating habits.

The party gets a letter from Demus Silvertree involving Lewis. With this info the party plans to travel with Lewis to the Ettenmoores to help him set up a base of operations there.

While preparing for the trip Twil goes to see Trab and they discuss a great many things none the least of which was that Tori was starting to hate Twil less.

Artaelyth and Twil Have an ‘Elf game night’ with Mina, The Skywood’s, Lentalos and Trab.

Yori got some “pussy” (cat)…

The party hires Cur’Buk the orc bard to play the music for the dance troupe’s performances during the festival.

The Party travels to the Draco Isles and meets Lewis outside the Chapterhouse and embark to the Ettenmoores with him.

They help Lewis find a Place to set up shop in a clearing in a large forest. The party sees a caravan of kobolds but has no interactions with them. During the dusk hours a small group of Cloakers attack the camp. Several people are hurt and this changes the plan of the shelter to be one of an underground den.

The party leaves Lewis with his place of residence after finding him water and food to survive on.

Session Twelve
Lesbian Bathhouse

Nine Days until Lewis is Executed! Thirteen days till the Festival!

Scorpius has a conversation with Delehan and Elaina and asks them a favor. They refuse to give, causing slight damage to their relationship.

The girls meet Mina Bloodwood in the baths and have a “splashing fight” with her leading to cleaning each other’s backs/hair ect.

The Draco Isle kids are dicks to posters. Yori tries to do a negative energy burst directed at them but Twil acts first casting blinding color surge at Yori to stop him from attacking the Draco Isle kids.

Yori Ding Dong ditches the Draco Isle kids dorm.

The girls while at breakfast meet with Opal and Milan and have a talk about their home countries and families.

Twil sends a message to Dar asking if Dar will send two teleportation scrolls to him. Dar happily agrees and Twil now owes him 2250g.

Artaelyth’s Brother Cor’Tahlian arrives at the academy and his arrows find purchase in Scorpius’s ass.

Artaelyth heads home to pick up some local flowers with her brother. She has a talk with their father and mentions several political things which astounds Dohdrim.

The party Splits up and Twil, Scorpius, Akire and Dalick head to the Draco Isles, on the island of Aujir to the town of Altrak Veria to see if they can get info on/help Lewis.

Artaelyth buys paper and flowers from the school store and hears a rumor about Trey and Ivan from Perta Jollymate. She goes to the Forochel dorms and talks with Brom. She thanks them for taking the quest in their country and gets a clearer picture of Ivan and Tray from Brom.

Yori meets a Sempai from Forochel, Randireros Galtoh and enlists his help in building the stage for the Festival.

The party in the Draco Isles Meets with the head of the Chapter house, Chapter Master Galinver, Knight of the First. They are not able to convince him to let them see/pardon Lewis. They are however able to get an audience with Verritrak of the Bronzescales the aged leader of the island. After hours of intense debate Scorpius is able to allow them to at least see Lewis.

They visit Lewis who looks like he has seen better days and inform him of their plan to try and save him. He seems grateful but does not believe they can actually help.

The Party decided to visit all the nations of Highmoore to speak with the nobles and try and gain sway in saving Lewis. Several Dip checks later the Academy holds a Summit on the topic of Lewis.

Artaelyth has a conversation with Elrick in the dorm room about things in general and learns that Elrick’s older brother passed away during the ‘war’ between the three nations fighting over Blackrock Mt.


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